How do you unlock the airport in SimCity?

How do you unlock the airport in SimCity?

So how do you unlock and build a airport in SimCity Buildit?

  1. Your city needs to have a population of 120,000 or more Sims.
  2. You need to pay $120,000 Simoleons to start the building of the airport.
  3. Then you need to wait 1 day, 7 hours for construction to be completed.

How much does the airport cost SimCity?

You need to pay $120,000 Simoleans to start the building of the airport.

How much does the airport cost in Sim City?

How do I build an international airport in SimCity?

In SimCity (2013), the international airport is a great work building, which is unlocked by having 100 tourists arrive at a municipal airport. In order to build it, the starting player must have 1 million simoleons in their treasury.

What does cargo ship dock do in SimCity?

The cargo ship dock allows for cargo ships to import and export goods into your city. Although it is stated in the SimCity description that it will arrive once every 180 minutes, it mostly arrives just once a day. The cargo ship has a capacity of 20 shipments, ie.

How does the International Airport work in SimCity?

Once opened, the International Airport brings flights of tourists into the region and ships frieght on cargo planes” If you want to have a Region that contans both Tourists and Freight shipments this is a good Great Work for you Was this guide helpful?

How many cargo airlines can you unlock in SimCity?

A maximum of 3 Cargo Airlines can be unlocked — Paris, London, and Tokyo. Select the Airport to view pending and active shipments. If more than one Cargo Airline is unlocked, users can scroll left or right by selecting the yellow arrows to view other shipments.

Do you have to build a city in SimCity Creator?

As in all previous SimCity titles, you must build a city in SimCity Creator. Unlike previous installments, there’s a focus on different time periods. In Challenge Mode, you start at the Dawn of Civilization and work your way forwards in time.

How do you send a shipment in SimCity?

To send off a shipment and collect the Shipment Reward, all items and their quantities need to be packed and sent off. Items can be packed by tapping the + box under each item, which will reward you with a little less than 14% of what the total items are actually worth at max value.

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