How do you tame a wild tongue in literary analysis?

How do you tame a wild tongue in literary analysis?

How to Tame a Wild Tongue is a fascinating piece by writer Gloria Anzaldua in which she analyzes the social and cultural differences between Mexican culture and American culture and how immigrants fall in between. Not only does she explore this but she also delves into topics such as racism, and sexism.

How do you tame a wild tongue intended audience?

The writer focuses on Chicano readers as the primary audience where she shares her experience. However, she also targets the Americans to understand Chicano life and cope with them.

What is the code to tame a wild tongue switch?

Gloria Anzaldua in her essay,”How to Tame a Wild Tongue(1987) argues that the term “switch codes”as an illegitimate and bilingual language which involves combining tongues.

How do you tame a wild tongue metaphor?

In the beginning, when the idea of the dentist is presented, the audience is given a metaphor that expresses the writer’s experience. In “the dentist is cleaning out my roots”, a statement is made about what is taken away when one’s language is taken away.

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