How do I write a Navy Commendation Award?

How do I write a Navy Commendation Award?

Navy Commendation Medal Citation

  1. (1) Opening Sentence.
  2. (2) Statement of Heroic/Meritorious Achievement or Service.
  3. (3) Commendatory Remarks.
  4. Note: The attributes listed in the last sentence of the example citation (noteworthy accomplishments, perseverance, and devotion to duty) are not mandatory.

What are NAMS in the Navy?

The Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal (NAM) is a decoration presented by the United States Department of the Navy to service members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps who have performed commendably in routine duties or exceptional achievements, that have not been recognized by a higher award.

What is a Navy floc?

Flag Letter of Commendation (FLOC).

How many points is a Navy Commendation Medal?

3 Points
3 Points = Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal (Strike/Flight), Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

How high is a Navy Commendation Medal?

The Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal and Coast Guard Commendation Medal are authorized gold and silver 5/16 inch stars to denote additional awards….Commendation Medal.

Commendation Medals
Status Currently awarded
Established Navy and Marine Corps: 1943 Coast Guard: 1943 Army: 1945 Air Force: 1958 Joint Service: 1963

How many lines is a NAM?

Non-combat citations are limited to 7 ½ lines. A citation consists of three parts: 1. Opening Sentence.

What is a Navy PMA?

It has your performance mark average (PMA), your passed-not-advanced (PNA) points, your standard score, your time in rate and how well you did on various sections on your exam.” Your PMA uses only the Promotion Recommendation block (Block 45) from evaluations in the current paygrade.

What is a Flag Letter of Commendation Navy?

A Letter of Commendation is used when a person does good, but may not qualify for a Navy Achievement Medal or a Navy Commendation Medal. I had two guys on one deployment that went above and beyond. We put in for NAMs for them, but also put in for Letters of Commendation from an Admiral in case the NAMs were declined.

What are the different boards of selection in the Navy?

Selection Boards (1) The SSOQ and SSOY boards will consist of a Chairperson, normally the Command Master Chief, with LCPO’ s. (2) The SOQ and SOY boards will consist of a Chairperson, normally the Department LCPO and 3 to 5 CPO’ s. (3) The JSOQ and JSOY boards will consist of a Chairperson, normally a Chief Petty Officer and 3 to 5 CPO’ s.

What is a bjoq in the Navy?

Discussion. The BJOQ, JSOO, SOQ, SSOQ, BJOY, JSOY, soy, and SSOY Programs throughout the Navy and on board NAS Pensacola are vital recognition tools that gain visibility and affect the morale of personnel within the Therefore, outstanding performance must be recognized and rewarded command . Eligibility.

How did EN1 ensure readiness and safety of the USS Charlotte?

Completion of pre-requisites ensured readiness and safety of ship’s force, shipyard personnel, and safety of the USS Charlotte. EN1 organized eight key-event walkthrough inspections with shipyard, SUBPACFLT, and ship’s force middle and senior management.

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