How Can CBD Softgels Help with Chronic Pain Management?

Pain management is a public health concern that has many approaches. People traditionally relied on costly and addictive painkillers, which require increasing doses as time passes by and the body grows immune to the chemicals. Luckily, things are changing in this sphere as patients and health practitioners start exploring more natural, safe, and non-addictive alternatives, such as CBD. 

As a primary weed component, CBD has long enjoyed a dubious legal status in the medical sphere. Yet, this legal hassle doesn’t change things; CBD is indeed effective for pain treatment and can be used for all types of pain. Here is a brief overview of organic CBD softgels as one of the optimal pain treatment modalities you can explore.

Introduction to CBD

So, let’s start with a quick introduction to cannabidiol. This unique compound was found in the cannabis plant, and since the times of its isolation from the rest of the chemical content of weed, CBD has become the rockstar of alternative medicine. It happened because CBD is actually responsible for most healing properties associated with weed since times immemorial, while THC is an intoxicating cannabinoid that most medicinal marijuana users tolerate only because of the CBD value.

Luckily, today, users don’t need to endure THC intoxication anymore, as they can consume CBD in an isolated form. CBD extraction via supercritical CO2 methods preserves many valuable terpenes and cannabinoids with negligent toxicity to deliver tons of health benefits without any risks to consumers. As a result of CBD isolation and commercial production of CBD-enriched products, people have received an effective and non-addictive remedy for pain, stress, and anxiety in the form of edibles, oils, tinctures, and CBD softgel pills (capsules) filled with CBD concentrate.

CBD Softgels: What’s the Difference?

In a nutshell, CBD softgels are glycerin or gelatin capsules containing liquid CBD oil or concentrate. They are hermetically sealed to avoid the oil’s leakage, so they have no odor or taste specific to CBD.

Why choose CBD oil softgel capsules for your daily CBD treatment regimen? There are a couple of significant benefits softgels possess in comparison to other CBD products.

  • Softgels are easier to swallow than CBD oil or edibles may be;
  • They don’t break up inside the bottle where they’re stored, thus guaranteeing no-mess use;
  • They don’t have any unpleasant taste or odor, as the content is firmly encapsulated in the gelatin covering;
  • Softgels don’t dissolve in the mouth, thus allowing CBD to absorb to a greater degree in the gut.

In addition to the consumption ease and convenience, softgels allow more precise dosing than other CBD products. You get exactly the amount of CBD you need to treat your pain, with easily configured doses regulated by the number of softgels and CBD intakes a day.

CBD Capsules and Chronic Pain

Now let’s turn to science to find out what clinical evidence exists to prove that CBD softgels may indeed be helpful for patients with chronic pain conditions. Since CBD has become legal only recently, there is a lack of consistent research on its therapeutic value. Yet, the studies that have already been finalized are pretty positive about CBD value for people with chronic pain conditions of varying etiology:

  • Boyaji et al. concluded in their 2020 study that there are no CBD-alone medications for chronic pain management, and the only accepted treatment option in the medical sphere is a THC/CBD option (nabiximols).
  • Capano et al. observed over half of their study participants with chronic pain to reduce or eliminate the use of opioids for their painful conditions as a result of transferring to CBD hemp extract use within 8 weeks. The researchers concluded that CBD could improve chronic pain sensations, increase the quality of patients’ sleep, and reduce the need for opioid use, which is harmful to health and highly addictive.
  • Bhaskar et al. produced a consensus recommendation on the use and dosing of medical cannabis to treat chronic pain in 2021. Their recommendations favor a daily dose of 5mg CBD twice, with gradual increases to 10mg CBD per dose until the moment the patient achieves sizable pain reduction. The maximum daily dose recommended by the researchers is 40mg CBD per day.

Thus, it’s evident that CBD is increasingly accepted by the medical community, with more research on the dosing, administration, and intake regimen in clinical settings. A legally accepted and formally prescribed pain management modality to date is naxibomols only; it’s a THC/CBD spray that should be administered sublingually.

Legality Issues

Some users are still concerned about using CBD softgels because they think of marijuana as an illegal, federally prohibited drug. Thus, it’s important to give a quick legal overview of CBD status in the USA. Since the passage of the 2018 law, hemp products have become legal for sale across the United States. Thus, you can use CBD-enriched edibles, cosmetics, and supplements without legal concerns.

Choose Your Best CBD Capsule Product for Pain Management

As you can see, using CBD softgels is a good option for your health regimen. You can take a cap or two on the go whenever you feel pain without attracting unnecessary attention. Yet, it’s vital to exercise caution and do your due diligence when you buy CBD softgel capsules. It’s not enough to google “CBD softgels near me” and go to the closest local dispensary to buy CBD products. Make sure you study the product’s labels and certificate of analysis (CoA) to choose the products manufactured with safe, organic production methods in mind. Whether you need full spectrum CBD oil softgels or CBD isolate, you can find many high-quality options at This way, CBD softgels will surely become an excellent addition to your treatment and wellness regimen, saving you from unpleasant pain sensations at any time of the day.

Lana Braslavskaia, a writer at AskGrowers, prepared this article for all CBD enthusiasts seeking an ideal administration form for their pain symptoms. Lana is an industry enthusiast with a critical thinking approach, linking users to the recent clinical evidence on CBD use and sharing the latest CBD market innovations.

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