Edit Like a Pro and Unleash The Ultimate Power of an Online Photo Editor

Have you ever heard about the frames in photo editing to enhance the look of your photos? With an online photo editor, anyone can create astonishing images by editing like a pro without having a certified diploma in editing. Frames work best when it comes to giving a professional look that people cannot resist looking at. To develop a more cohesive look for your social media posts, try using an online photo editor to rock and roll in the online sphere. In this article, we will unveil the ways to use frames in your photos to give an elevated look.

How to Use Frames in an Online Photo Editor

Here are the tips to make the right use of photo frames in an online photo editor.

  • Choose the Right Frame

Remember, that each frame in an online photo editor is created to tackle the different needs. That is why choosing the right frame for your image is essential. First, give a thought to your picture style and its purpose to use. For example, if you are looking for a photo frame for your wedding photos, white will work best with some flowers added to elevate the look. To show the images in the past or nature scenes, you can use rust-colored wooden frames and so on.


  • Color of the Frame

Now coming to the colors, always remember to choose the right color tone that matches your photo. Colors can alter the feel of your images to a high impact or a zero impact for the audience. For dramatic photos like Halloween photos, you can use dark-colored frames. To make your photos look more spacious and light up, use the light-colored frames in an online photo editor. Moreover, you can customize the frame color from the color palette to experiment with what sets best with your photo.

  • Size and Thickness Adjustment

Another benefit of using the frames in an online photo editor like CapCut is that it allows you to adjust the size and thickness of the photo frame manually. To show delicacy in your photo, try to keep your frame thin. To add a dramatic effect, you can keep the frame broad. However, you can play with multiple sizes and thicknesses to see what will work best with the tone of your photo.

  • Variety of Frame Styles

Talking about the frame styles, an online photo editor like the CapCut online web version provides huge options in frame styles. It allows you to experiment with each style and choose the one that you think will look good in your photos.

Now adding frames to your photos does not remain a crucial task. To add frames to your photos, simply upload the picture by using the upload button in an online photo editor. Then from the left corner of your screen, choose the frame tool. Once you see the options from the variety of frames, choose the one that you feel is perfect for your image. Apply the frame by clicking and adjusting the color, thickness, and size for a personalized look.

Steps to Create Your Account and Start Editing Instantly with an Online Photo Editor

Do you want to change your status from a beginner to a professional editor? Follow the steps given below to unleash the power of an online photo editor.

  • STEP 01: Free account creation

To use frames in photo editing for your social media profiles without paying any fee, sign up to CapCut Creative Suite. Remember that CapCut never asks for your credit card information. There is no hidden fee or paid subscriptions. Click on the URL https://www.capcut.com/  and go for the Sign-up. Enter your Email Address and press the sign-up button. Wait for a few seconds until the CapCut verifies your account.

  • STEP 02: Upload Images

After completing the verification, log into your account, and start uploading your photos in the online photo editor. You can upload photos in three ways like by dragging and dropping to the editor, by transforming from Google Drive, or by AirDrop.

  • STEP 03: Make changes with AI

You can transform your photos by using the free Magic tools and other tools like frames, stickers, shapes, and more in an online photo editor. It allows you to remove background, generate new background, text-to-image, sharpen image online, and other features to create a stunning look.

  • STEP 04: Export your files

When your photo is ready, click on the export button to download the photo. Also, you can share the photo with anyone or any social media website directly.


Stop adding pictures straight to your social media posts and start using frames for each photo. An online photo editor like CapCut offers a variety of frames for free to use for your photos. You can crop or adjust your photo according to the frame without compromising on the important details. Moreover, an online photo editor lets the users change the color of the frames, customize thickness from wide to thin, and more. Create your account on the CapCut online web version now and unleash the power of its editing tools.

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