10 Gift Ideas for Writers That Your Creative Friends Will Love

Don’t wait for Christmas or their birthday. There are many gifts for writers that will help them make their dream come true: to publish a book. And the road to a literary adventure is difficult, but you can always count on some help to make the path a little lighter.

If you have a friend who is writing a book, or it is your case and you want to treat yourself, we have a compilation of merchandising for writers. And, as we say, you don’t need to wait for dates like Christmas or a birthday to give one of these gifts.

1. Books or writing manual

What better way to learn how to write a book than one that teaches how to write a book? There are a multitude of manuals of all kinds, from famous authors who share their professional experience and little tricks to works by language professionals who teach advanced notions of grammar. The best of all? Many of these copies can be sent over the Internet.

2. Writer’s planner

Another literary gift for a writer is an agenda to organize the time ahead before publishing his book. In this way, you can note down meetings with publishers, the date on which a manuscript must be sent with the necessary corrections, possible presentations, and so forth.

3. Online blog account

Another of the original gifts for writers that we propose, excuse us for the slight hyperbole, can be an account in one of the many online blogs. WordPress or Blogspot – are options that offer packs with which to access themes, register domains, etc.. In this way, you can help the author work on his promotion and give him a space to publish writings and creations independent of his book.

4. Vintage typewriter

New technologies have been imposed as a means to write a manuscript. But, among the most impressive gifts for book lovers, there is undoubtedly a vintage typewriter – a tool like the one used by Ernest Hemingway in his texts. Whether it is used as an ornamental element or if it is really used, believe us that with this present, you will succeed.

5. Access to a lecture, talk, or workshop for writers

The literary sector has expanded so that if you search essays or workshops to improve writers’ skills, you may find them as quickly as ever. From making them understand how the publishing industry works to providing them with knowledge about writing techniques. Giving a ticket to these seminars as a gift is as original as useful.

6. A trip

A trip can be one of the best gifts for writers as it can serve to find the inspiration they need, to relax and recharge their batteries, or even to document themselves by visiting one of the places they mention in their manuscript and make a faithful reflection of it.

7. Soaps for relaxation

Writing a book is a dream that can take away sleep. For that reason, it never hurts to find moments to relax, to let your mind go blank and recharge your batteries, or to unblock those nerves that prevent ideas from flowing.

8. A professional evaluation of a manuscript

Manuscript appraisal is a step that all publishers carry out. However, the chances of publication are undoubtedly increased if the draft of the book is “made beautiful” before it is sent. There are a multitude of professionals who will be able to offer an evaluation as zero readers of the work. Paying for these services to ensure the excellent quality of your author friend’s writing is a great idea.

9. A blackboard

“May the muses catch you working”, said the famous phrase of Picasso. But the problem is that when inspiration comes, sometimes it comes as a whole troop of ideas. To ensure that none of them escape and that the author can put them in order, what better than giving him a blackboard where he can organize his schemes and give shape to such a jumble?

10. Spotify Premium Account

What to give to a writer? Music can be a good idea. As it is difficult to match schedules and to dedicate a private concert, we suggest a Premium subscription to Spotify. This way, he can create his playlists so that he is not assaulted by advertising and always has at hand the necessary theme to find inspiration.

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