Why is Drakensberg a World Heritage Site?

Why is Drakensberg a World Heritage Site?

Maloti-Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site is renowned for its spectacular natural landscape, importance as a haven for many threatened and endemic species, and for its wealth of rock paintings made by the San people over a period of 4,000 years.

Is Drakensberg mountain a heritage site?

The Drakensberg is rich in cultural heritage. It is home to 35% of South Africa’s San rock art sites. In South Africa the San inhabited the Drakensberg from the late Stone Age times until the late nineteenth century.

What is unique about uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park?

The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park has exceptional natural beauty in its soaring basaltic buttresses, incisive dramatic cutbacks, and golden sandstone ramparts. Rolling high altitude grasslands, the pristine steep sided river valleys and rocky gorges also contribute to the beauty of this world heritage site.

When was uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park declared a heritage site?

UNESCO declared the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park in KwaZulu Natal a World Heritage Site in 2000. The park is 240 000 hectares large and is filled with beautiful rivers, wetlands, indigenous forests, grasslands, valleys and cliffs. Many endangered animal and plant species live there.

What does Drakensberg mean in English?

Dragon Mountains
The “Drakensberg” – derived from the Afrikaans name, “Drakensberg” meaning “Dragon Mountains” is the name given to the Eastern Portion of the Great Escarpment. Most South Africans speak of the Drakensberg when they are in fact referring to the Great Escarpment (this forms the border between Lesotho and KZN).

Do people live in the Drakensberg Mountains?

The main star of the destination is, of course, the incredible cluster of mountains. Residents in this area are families and farmers who lead simple and uncomplicated lives. Travelling from Durban you will most likely travel through the N3 highway and take the R617 off-ramp.

Why is Drakensberg important?

The mountains protect rolling grasslands and endemic species, and are critically important in their role as a massive water catchments area. It was for these reasons that the Drakensberg Mountains were declared a World Heritage Site (natural and cultural) in 2000.

What is Drakensberg famous for?

Drakensberg is famous for its hiking routes, with trails for all abilities. In Southern and Central Drakensberg there are spectacular ancient rock art sites reflecting the beliefs of the indigenous San people. The mountains are also home to many nature reserves with waterfalls and abundant wildlife.

What animals live in the Drakensberg Mountains?

The large animals most commonly seen in the Drakensberg are the Eland – a giant antelope, Mountain Reedbuck, Grey Rhebuck and Oribi. Jackal, Genet and Civet are not uncommon. Baboons are found throughout the mountain areas, with Vervet monkeys found at lower altitudes.

Are there snakes in Drakensberg?

Snakes are not confined to the tropical lowlands and are actually quite common in the Berg. They are often seen at The Cavern, causing something between fascination and alarm among visitors. Nearly all are harmless.

Are there lions in Drakensberg?

The ‘Big 5’: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and black rhino are also well represented on the road to the Orpen Gate.

Is a red lipped snake poisonous?

When threatened this snake puts up quite a show, drawing the head back into a striking position with the mouth agape and the head flattened to expose the brightly coloured lips. It is mildly venomous and poses no threat to humans or domestic animals.

When did the Drakensberg mountains become a World Heritage Site?

The spectacular Drakensberg mountains took their rightful place on the international tourism stage when the 243,000 hectare uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 29 November 2000.

What makes ukhlahlamba Drakensberg Park a World Heritage Site?

The Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park has exceptional Natural beauty in its soaring basaltic buttresses, incisive dramatic cutbacks, and golden sandstone ramparts. Rolling high altitude Grasslands, the pristine steep sided River Valleys and rocky Gorges also contribute to the beauty of this World Heritage Site.

Where is the Drakensberg National Park in South Africa?

The Maloti-Drakensberg Park is a transboundary site composed of the uKhahlamba Drakensberg National Park in South Africa and the Sehlathebe National Park in Lesotho.

Why is Maloti Drakensberg Park important to Southern Africa?

The Maloti-Drakensberg Park range of mountains constitutes the principal water production area in Southern Africa. The areas along the international border between the two countries create a drainage divide on the escarpment that forms the watershed for two of Southern Africa’s largest drainage basins.

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