Why do Pashtuns hate Hazaras?

Why do Pashtuns hate Hazaras?

Other reason why the Hazaras have been discriminated by Pashtun is their appearance that look like Chinese people. The Hazaras are also seen as the weakest and poorest race in Afghanistan, so that they are easily subjected to be killed, insulted, and tortured by Pashtuns.

Why are Hazara people targeted?

The Hazara community in Quetta, in Pakistan, has been the target of persecution and violence. Almost all migrated due to persecution by Abdur Rahman Khan and a good part in 1990’s due to ethnic cleansing by the Afghan Taliban. Their ethnicity is easily identifiable due to their physical features.

How many Hazaras were killed in Afghanistan?

1,200 Hazaras
Since 2015, attacks have killed at least 1,200 Hazaras and injured 2,300, said Wadood Pedram, executive director of the Kabul-based Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organization. Hazaras have been preyed on at schools, weddings, mosques, sports clubs, even at birth.

What happened at Hazara?

Attackers in southwestern Pakistan have killed at least 11 workers at a remote coal mine, officials said Sunday. The victims were from the minority Shiite Hazara community, Khalid Durrani, a government official, told French news agency AFP.

What religion is Hazara?

Hazaras speak a dialect of Dari (Farsi dialect) called Hazaragi and the vast majority follow the Shi’a sect (Twelver Imami) of Islam. A significant number are also followers of the Ismaili sect while a small number are Sunni Muslim.

Are Pashtuns Mongols?

A) The Pashtuns are largely Indo Europeans. There is likely some influence from the Yuezhi, another nomadic Indo European people, which migrated from the Gansu area in ~150BC. B) The Mongols are hard to track historically as nomadic peoples in the steppe came an gi, intermarry and form new tribes over time.

Who is behind Hazara killings?

Hazaras have been frequently targeted by Taliban and Islamic State militants and other Sunni Muslim militant groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. The attacks in Afghanistan have been claimed by an affiliate of Islamic State. In 2013, three bombings killed more than 200 people in Hazara neighbourhoods in Quetta.

What religion were Pashtuns before Islam?

Pashtuns were originally Hindus. Later aimed adopted buddhism. When arabs invaded afghanistan, they referred Pashtun people as Indians because they had indian religion and culture.

What kind of people are the Hazaras of Afghanistan?

Hazaras. They are overwhelmingly Twelver Shia Muslims and make up the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They also make up a significant minority group in the neighboring Pakistan, with a population of over 650,000–900,000, largely living in the region of Quetta .

Where does the persecution of the Hazara take place?

The persecution of Hazara people refers to discrimination against the Hazaras, who are mostly from Afghanistan, primarily from the central regions of Afghanistan, known as Hazarajat. Significant communities of Hazara people also live in Quetta, Pakistan and Mashad, Iran as part of the Hazara and Afghan diasporas.

When did the Taliban declare war on the Hazaras?

During the country’s civil war and subsequent Taliban rule during the 1990s, the Taliban declared war on the Hazara. “Hazaras are not Muslims, you can kill them,” Taliban commander Maulawi Mohammed Hanif reportedly told a crowd in Northern Afghanistan in the mid-1990s.

How did the Hazara refugees get to Europe?

Hazara Afghans are among the millions of refugees fleeing to Europe in search of a better future. During the country’s civil war and subsequent Taliban rule during the 1990s, the Taliban declared war on the Hazara.

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