Who is the original people of Afghanistan?

Who is the original people of Afghanistan?

The first known people were Indo-Iranians, but their date of arrival has been estimated widely from as early as about 3000 BCE to 1500 BCE. (For further detail see Indo-Aryan migration.)

What is the race of someone from Afghanistan?

Pashtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, accounting for about 42 percent of the population, with Tajiks (27%), Hazaras (9%), Uzbeks (9%), Aimaqs (4%), Turkmen people (3%), Baluch (2%), and other groups (4%) making up the remainder [6].

What kind of people are there in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan isn’t a homogeneous country. It is a very diverse one and has a plethora of different ethnic groups. With that being said, I’ve noticed a lot of people being fixated with the light features that some Afghans have, and I want to make this clear; Afghans with light eyes, lily white skin, and light hair are *not* in the majority at all.

How can you tell the ethnic composition of Afghanistan?

In recent years, a nationwide distribution of Afghan e-ID cards (e-Tazkiras) began. The ethnicity of each citizen is provided in the application. This process is expected to reveal the exact figures about the size and composition of the country’s ethnic groups.

Which is the ethnonym for the people of Afghanistan?

The term ” Afghan ” is synonymous with the ethnonym ” Pashtun ” and has been mentioned as early as the 3rd century, referring to the tribes inhabiting the lands south of the Hindu Kush around the Sulaiman Mountains. It became prominent during the Khalji, Lodi, and Suri dynasties of Northern India.

What’s the population of the country of Afghanistan?

Demographics of Afghanistan. This article is about the population of the country of Afghanistan. For ethnic groups, see Ethnic groups in Afghanistan. The population of Afghanistan is around 37,466,414 as of 2021, which includes the roughly 3 million Afghan citizens living as refugees in both Pakistan and Iran.

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