Who is the first President Sierra Leone?

Who is the first President Sierra Leone?

President of Sierra Leone

President of the Republic of Sierra Leone
Inaugural holder Christopher Okoro Cole (acting)
Formation Constitution of Sierra Leone 19 April 1971
Deputy Vice President of Sierra Leone
Salary 12,220 USD annually

Who is the richest President in Sierra Leone?

Ernest Bai Koroma
Residence Makeni, Sierra Leone
Alma mater Fourah Bay College
Religion Christianity (Wesleyan)
Website Government website

What is Sierra Leone President salary?

In this list of the official salaries of all current heads of state, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone is all the way at the bottom, earning $12,000 a year which is 6.8 times of $1750, the GNI per capital.

Who are the leaders of Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone presidents and head of state by tribes

Leader Ethnic group Religion
Julius Maada Wonie Bio (President) Mende Christianity
Ernest Bai Koroma (President) Loko Christianity
Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (President) Mandingo Islam
Johnny Paul Koroma (Military junta Limba Christianity

Who is the most educated man in Sierra Leone?

Abdul Karim Bangura
Abdul Karim Bangura is a Sierra Leonean-American academic. He holds 5 doctorate degrees, speaks 18 languages and he’s published 66 books and over 600 research papers. Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura is one of the most educated people in the world.

Who is the highest paid worker in Sierra Leone?

The Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry O. Macauley has been exposed as the highest paid Cabinet Minister in Sierra Leone with a monthly salary of US$5,900.00 (Five Thousand Nine Hundred United States Dollars), documents at the Accountant General’s office show.

Who is the richest man in Sierra Leone 2020 2021?

The Richest man in sierra leane is Mr Ben yesuff,and west Africalived in london (uk) . He has 3.34 m($).

Who is the highest paying worker in Sierra Leone?

What is the capital of Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone/Capitals

Freetown, capital, chief port, and largest city of Sierra Leone, on the rocky Sierra Leone Peninsula, at the seaward tip of a range of wooded hills, which were named Serra Leôa (“Lion Mountains”) by the Portuguese navigator Pedro de Sintra when he explored the West African coast in 1462.

Who was the last governor of Sierra Leone?

The first was Lieutenant John Clarkson – that was well over 200 years ago in the late 18th century.

Who is the most educated politician in Sierra Leone?

Julius Maada Bio

His Excellency Julius Maada Bio
Residence State House, Freetown
Alma mater Benguema Military Academy American University; University of Bradford
Military service
Allegiance Sierra Leone

Who is the richest person in Sierra Leone 2021?

Who was the first president of Sierra Leone?

Bio is the first democcratically elected Sierra Leonean president born in the post colonial independent nation of Sierra Leone, as he was born three years after Sierra Leone became independence. Bio is also the second Sierra Leonean president to have previously served in the Sierra Leone military.

Who are the members of Parliament in Sierra Leone?

Sierra Leone 1 President Julius Maada Bio 2 Vice-President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh 3 Chief Minister David J. Francis 4 Speaker of Parliament Abass Chernor Bundu 5 Chief Justice

When did Ahmad Tejan Kabbah become president of Sierra Leone?

Ahmad Tejan Kabbah returned home to his native Sierra Leone to retire after a career with the United Nations as an economist, but was drafted into the country’s movement toward a multiparty democracy during the mid-1990s. In 1996, he was elected president in Sierra Leone’s first free elections since its independence.

What kind of diplomatic relations does Sierra Leone have?

Sierra Leone has diplomatic relations that include China, Russia, Libya, Iran, and Cuba. Sierra Leone has good relations with the West, including the United States, and has maintained historical ties with the United Kingdom and other former British colonies through membership in the Commonwealth of Nations.

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