Which is best dictionary?

Which is best dictionary?

Here are ten of the very best online dictionaries.Wiktionary. Google Dictionary. Dictionary.com. The Free Dictionary. Merriam-Webster Online. Cambridge Dictionary Online. Visuwords. Wordia.

Who is in charge here meaning?

1. if you are in charge, you have control over someone or something and are responsible for them. Who’s in charge here?

What do you call someone in charge?

boss. nounmanager over other employees. administrator.

Who is considered a person in charge?

The PIC can be the owner of the business or a designated person, such as a shift leader, chef, kitchen manager or similar individual who is always present in the work site and has direct authority, control or supervision over employees who engage in the storage, preparation, display or service of foods.

What’s the meaning of in charge?

: having control of or responsibility for (something) She is in charge of hiring new employees.

Is incharge a word?

While the phrase in charge is correct and accepted globally, incharge is limited to Indian English, having no global acceptance. You should not use the word incharge while communicating to any non-Indian person. The correct phrase would be “in charge.” It means the person in “in control.”

What does accountable mean?

Accountable means obligated to explain, justify, and take responsibility for one’s actions, and to answer to someone, such as a person with more authority. The state of being accountable is accountability. The word accountable is often used in the context of individuals taking responsibility for their actions.

Is responsible for meaning?

be responsible for sb/sth to have control and authority over someone or something and the duty to take care of them: He is responsible for the council’s waste management department. to make something happen, especially something bad: She was responsible for causing the accident.

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