Where does Louisiana rank in health care?

Where does Louisiana rank in health care?

Louisiana Rankings

Health Care #46
Economy #47
Infrastructure #47
Opportunity #48
Fiscal Stability #42

What does Louisiana rank in size among the states?

List of US States By Size

Rank State Name Square Miles
28 North Carolina 53,819
29 Arkansas 53,179
30 Alabama 52,419
31 Louisiana 51,840

Which US state has the best health care?

The 10 States With the Best Health Care

  • Hawaii.
  • Massachusetts.
  • Connecticut.
  • New Jersey.
  • California.
  • Maryland.
  • New York.
  • Washington.

Where does Louisiana rank in quality of life?

As it did in 2018, Louisiana ranked 50th among the country’s 50 states considered in the ranking, which weighed data on a range of quality of life measures. Louisiana fell behind Alabama (49th) and Mississippi (48th).

Where does Louisiana rank in US News and World Report?

Fiscal stability was the state’s strongest category ranking (43rd). U.S. News acknowledged the Louisiana government’s relatively stable credit score and a liquidity that was on par with the national average. But the state ranked last in crime, natural environment and opportunity.

Where does the United States rank in obesity?

The United States ranks 12th in the world for obesity. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 36.9% of American adults age 20 and older were obese based on 2015-2016 data. 37.9% of men and 41.1% of women are considered to be obese in the United States. This is twice as many as three decades ago.

What is the poverty rate in the state of Louisiana?

The list noted a poverty rate well above the national average and average household income of $46,165 (roughly $14,000 short of the national average). The state’s incarceration rate is among the worst in the country and violent crime is high. The ranking also considered Louisiana a poor steward of its environment.

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