What were the effects of Christianity in Africa?

What were the effects of Christianity in Africa?

Christianity was an agent of great change in Africa. It destabilised the status quo, bringing new opportunities to some, and undermining the power of others. With the Christian missions came education, literacy and hope for the disadvantaged.

What was the impact of the missionaries on education?

Even so, mission schools often provided a better quality education than what most whites had access to. The mission schools also did more than simply teach residents to read and write: they introduced European ideas and beliefs about family life into Coloured and black society.

What did missionaries do to indigenous people?

While, on one front, missionaries were engaged in a war on Aboriginal culture, on another, they often served as advocates for protecting and advancing Aboriginal interests in their dealings with government and settlers.

What was the aim of missionary education in Nigeria?

The primary objective of the missionaries was to convert the people to Christianity through education. The schools were Crowther’s principal method of evangelization. All good missionaries made it their duty to convert the children willy-nilly through education.

Which religion is growing fast in Africa?

The paper concludes that the Pentecostalism movement is the fastest-growing religion worldwide. Protestantism is growing primarily as a result of historic missionary activity and the recently high fertility rate in Africa, and due primarily to conversion in China.

What was the effect of missionary activities in Africa?

Effects of Missionary activities in Africa. Missionary societies wherever they worked, left a lot of social, political and economic effects. The missionary societies converted the west African people and generally in the whole of Africa into Christianity. This reduced the number of people who would have been Muslims and African traditionalists.

How did the missionary work help end slavery?

This ignited a greater passion inside him to end slavery. His work helped to change how people in Britain view Africans. They started to see them as people and not a race below them. He stirred the hearts of people to care about slavery in Africa. Britain ended up stopping their supporting of colonies that enslaved Africans.

Why did the Scottish missionaries come to Africa?

Though the missionaries’ primary aim was to bring the gospel to Africans, some Africans consider Christianity a “white man’s religion” that was used to subdue and control them in the process of colonization. Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone is well-known for marrying his colonial and missionary motives.

When did Black Missionaries come to West Africa?

In the 19thh century, too, Afro-Brazilians returned to Benin and Nigeria with Catholicism. A new era began with the settlements of Black Christians from Nova Scotia in Sierra Leone in 1787 and the missionary advance inland from Cape Town beginning with the arrival there of J. T. van der Kemp in 1799.

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