What shocked Kenny about the rest stop in Ohio?

What shocked Kenny about the rest stop in Ohio?

He was shocked to learn that his parents were sending him to a place without indoor bathrooms at Grandma Sands.

What is it that Byron and Kenny are so worried about at the rest stop?

Momma is mad that Dad’s nonstop driving plan has left them needing a break at this creepy, abandoned rest stop (which she actually refers to as hell) instead of the nice, safe motel she had picked out. Kenny and Byron go to the woods to pee, and Byron tells Kenny he’s worried about rednecks.

What did Kenny reveal to Byron?

He confesses that he’s ashamed of himself; that’s what he’s learned from all the time he spent in the Pet Hospital. He’s ashamed because Byron saved him, but when Kenny thought the Wool Pooh had Joey, he just ran away instead of fighting for her.

What surprises Kenny when Byron hits the bird?

Byron points to a bird on a telephone wire and tells Kenny it’s a mourning dove. He says nothing shakes up a mourning dove, and to prove it, he starts throwing cookies at the bird.

What secret does Kenny know about but decides not to share with Mrs Watson?

What secret does Kenny know about but decide not to share wit Mrs. Watson? They’re not going to follow Mrs. Watson’s notebook.

Why does Byron take so much time Kenny?

Why does Byron spend so much time with Kenny when they return to Flint? Byron spent so much time with Kenny when they returned to Flint because he does not want Kenny to feel alone. Byron helps Kenny feel better at the end of the book by telling Kenny everything will be alright.

What did momma say she would do if she caught Byron lighting matches again?

Byron gets caught lighting matches for fun (this kid really is a delinquent), and Momma swears that the next time she catches him starting a fire, she will burn him. Momma even swore to God she would burn Byron the next time he put the family in danger by playing with fire.

What is Byron’s reaction to the bird he accidentally killed?

Byron throws stolen cookies at a mourning dove perched on a telephone wire. Typical delinquent Byron. Then he actually hits the bird and kills it (with a cookie), and suddenly he’s so upset that he’s throwing up and crying uncontrollably.

Why did Byron refuse to talk to Kenny?

Byron said that for the whole trip, no matter what happened, he wouldn’t say one word. Silent treatment. Byron thought that if he refused to talk, it would upset the family and ruin the trip for everyone. They stop for sandwiches and a bathroom break, only the bathrooms are like nothing Kenny has ever seen.

How is Kenny surprised by the appearance of Birmingham?

Mommas plan was to keep the family safe and make good use of time with the stops and save money. In actuality, they wasted money on the ultra-glide that ended up breaking; they went to shady scary rest stops and they just stopped when Dad felt like it. How is Kenny surprised by the appearance of Birmingham?

Why did Byron sneak out the night before they leave?

Byron had a plan to sneak out and make a run for it the night before they leave. Thats why he didnt pack his bags. But Joey rats him out so that Momma and Dad won’t kill him for running away. They make Byron sleep in their room for the last night. Plan some games that the watson family can play in the car

What did the Watsons find at the rest stop?

They are disgusted by the outhouses at the rest stop, however; there is no running water, and the toilets consist of a seat placed over a “great big, open black hole” from which emanates a terrible smell. Momma tells Byron that he had better get used to this type of outhouse because that is what Grandma Sands has at her house.

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