What percent of people have jobs in Afghanistan?

What percent of people have jobs in Afghanistan?


Labor force 15 million 2004
By occupation agriculture 80%, industry 10%, services 10% 2004
Labor force > By occupation > Agriculture 78.6% 2008
Labor force > By occupation > Industry 5.7% 2008

What age can you get a job in Afghanistan?

The Law on Labour in Afghanistan, which has remained unchanged since the promulgation of the Constitution, specifies 14 years as the age of admission of children to employment for 35 hours per week and allows the age of 13 only if the employment is for a learning purpose.

Why are so many people unemployed in Afghanistan?

Insecurity, lack of jobs in government and the private sector organizations and a downturn of industries are the main factors behind growing unemployment, CSO officials said. “Those who had jobs are now unemployed and at the same time no new jobs were created,” deputy CSO Chief Haseebullah Muahid said.

What is the unemployment rate in Afghanistan 2020?

approximately 11.16 percent
In 2020, the unemployment rate in Afghanistan was at approximately 11.16 percent.

Do kids work in Afghanistan?

Child labor is prevalent in Afghanistan partly due to the quarrelsome war between its government and the Taliban. Children work long hours and in servile ways to provide goods for their families. It is the only way they are able to survive in an environment marked by poor conditions and minimal social opportunities.

Can a US citizen get a job in Afghanistan?

The Afghanistan Support Office (ASO) is seeking to hire highly skilled and motivated United States citizens for jobs in Afghanistan. Applicants must be U.S. citizens able to obtain the required security, medical, and ethics clearances. Applicants for these jobs in Afghanistan must be U.S. citizens.

What kind of jobs can you get in Afghanistan?

Some expats work in the media domain. There may also be some opportunities working for security organizations. Given the country’s unstable situation and underdeveloped economic state, work opportunities in Afghanistan are limited for foreigners and expats. The job market is very different compared with larger economies in the world.

Do you have to pay taxes if you work in Afghanistan?

Both resident and non-resident Afghans as well as expats working in Afghanistan are subject to tax for all income that is derived from Afghan sources. Even when expats are paid outside of Afghanistan, they are subject to this income taxation.

Are there any danger zone jobs in Afghanistan?

Danger Zone Jobs tracks more than 300 companies with overseas contracting jobs in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. You can find out more here.

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