What kind of transportation do they have in Afghanistan?

What kind of transportation do they have in Afghanistan?

Public transportation in Afghanistan is generally by bus and truck in which loads of people, animals, and produce are packed into small spaces or on the roof. In general women ride in the front, separated from men. City dwellers tend to travel by bus and bicycle.

How many cars are there in Kabul?

Designed for few hundred thousand vehicles, the Kabul city has over 800,000 cars, according to the traffic department statistics. The high number of vehicles and a poor road conditions are the main reasons for heavy traffic in the city.

Who built the roads in Afghanistan?

Most major roads were built in the 1960s with assistance from the United States and the Soviet Union.

Does Afghanistan have railways?

Afghanistan has three railway lines in the north of the country. The country currently lacks a passenger rail service, but a new rail link from Herat to Khaf in Iran for both cargo and passengers was recently completed.

How many registered cars are there in Afghanistan?

Traffic in Afghanistan is right hand, with about 731,607 registered vehicles in the country (2008 estimate). The Afghan government passed a law banning the import of cars older than 10 years.

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Which is the best car to buy in Afghanistan?

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What kind of cars are in a country?

This article is a list of countries by the number of road motor vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. This includes cars, vans, buses, and freight and other trucks; but excludes motorcycles and other two-wheelers.

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