What kind of planes are used in Afghanistan?

What kind of planes are used in Afghanistan?

Antonov An-32: As many as seventy three received from 1987 as military cargo transports suited to Afghanistan’s hot and high environment, operational until 2011 Cessna T182T: Six used between 2011 and 2016. Used as a basic trainer.

When did the air war start in Afghanistan?

The Afghanistan Air War Posted on May 25, 2020 Following the Soviet Union’s direct intervention into Afghanistan in December 1979, the war escalated rapidly, culminating in large battles involving massive use of tactical aircraft. Soviet interest in Afghanistan dates back many years, and Russian involvement even longer.

What kind of equipment was used in the Gulf War?

Coalition aircraft inbound during Operation Desert Shield. List of Gulf War Military Equipment is a summary of the various military weapons and vehicles used by the different nations during the Gulf War of 1990–1991. M1 Abrams in formation, February 1991. Artillerymen of the US Marine Corps reloading an M198 howitzer during Operation Desert Storm.

What was the main weapon used in the Afghanistan War?

At first the prime anti-aircraft weapon had been the twin-barrel 20-mm cannon, but further armaments were quickly made available through Pakistan from sources as diverse as Saudi Arabia, China, Iran and Egypt.

Are there any aviation accidents in the war in Afghanistan?

The following is a list aviation accidents and incidents in the war in Afghanistan. It covers both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft . January 27 A US Airforce E-11A was reported crashed in Afghanistan by US officials. The Taliban claimed it was shot down with all its occupants killed.

What was the name of the helicopter that was destroyed in Afghanistan?

One person on board the aircraft was injured and survived. September 25: An Afghan army MD-530F helicopter was destroyed by an improvised explosive device, as it landed on a hilltop outpost during a training sortie near Shindand air base. The helicopter was crewed by an Afghan student pilot and his American instructor.

How many US soldiers have died in Afghanistan?

Since the war against the Taliban began in 2001, US forces have suffered more than 2,300 deaths and around 20,660 soldiers injured in action. But US casualty figures are dwarfed by the loss of life among Afghan security forces and civilians.

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