What is the traditional clothing in Afghanistan?

What is the traditional clothing in Afghanistan?

Traditional clothing in Afghanistan is generally loose-fitting and conservative. Women typically wear a dress with loose-fitting pants, called a tunbaan, underneath that goes down to the ankles. A chador (headscarf) is worn to cover the hair.

Is an afghan a piece of clothing?

An afghan is a woollen blanket or shawl, usually knitted or crocheted. It is sometimes also called a “throw” of indeterminate size.

What do afghan men wear on their head?

Afghan men wear White and black color turbans in following the practice of their noble ancestor, the Holy Prophet. Therefore a major reason why most Afghans wear the turban is to keep their religion’s tradition alive.

What kind of clothing do people in Afghanistan wear?

Afghan Clothing. They also wear shoes called Payzaar. Men have overshirts called Payraan and frequently wear hats called Kuliaa. During cold seasons men also have a shawl which they call a Shaal. The materials that they wear is usually made from cotton or a type of silk.

What kind of clothing do Pashtuns wear in Pakistan?

Many of the co-ethnic groups who live alongside the Pasthuns in Afghanistan, Pakistan have also adopted the dress because of comfort or popular culture. The Pashtun dress is the most popular of the Afghan clothing, in particular the female dress which is known as Gand-e-Afghani.

Where does the Afghan dress culture come from?

Consequently, afghan dress shows strong aesthetic connections to areas contiguous to its borders: the Arab and Islamic middle east and Persia, the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and to lesser degree, mughal India. Women’s Garment Production Center offers employment opportunities and job skills.

What kind of clothes do men wear in India?

Traditional clothing for men consists of a peraahan tunbaan (shirt/pants) outfit . The tunbaan is made so that the waist is adjustable, and it is adjusted and held up using a cloth cord ( azaarband ). Men also like to wear some sort of head wear, especially during formal occasions.

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