What is the largest lake in Africa that the equator passes through?

What is the largest lake in Africa that the equator passes through?

Lake Victoria, also called Victoria Nyanza, largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of the Nile, lying mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but bordering on Kenya. Its area is 26,828 square miles (69,484 square km). Among the freshwater lakes of the world, it is exceeded in size only by Lake Superior in North America.

What are the three major lakes in Africa?

These include the 3 largest lakes in Africa – Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi – as well as lakes Turkana, Albert, Edward, Kivu and several others. The lakes are important habitats for a number of fish and amphibian species, abundant birdlife and numerous crocodiles.

Do sharks come into Port Phillip Bay?

Sharks are most common in the bay during the warmer months as the follow the migrations of fish into the warm water of Port Phillip Bay. The best baits are oily bloody fish flesh baits like Tuna, Trevally, Salmon and Pilchards but Squid has also enticed some of these creatures of the deep.

What are the names of the Great Lakes of Africa?

The African Great Lakes ( Swahili: Maziwa Makuu) are a series of lakes constituting the part of the Rift Valley lakes in and around the East African Rift. They include Lake Victoria, the third-largest fresh water lake in the world by area, Lake Tanganyika, the world’s second-largest freshwater lake by volume…

Which is the third largest lake in Africa?

Like Lake Victoria, Lake Nyasa — also known as Lake Malawi — is part of the African Great Lakes system. It’s the third-largest lake in the East African Rift Valley system, bordered by Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique. Nyasa means “lake” in Bantu.

Where does the equator pass through in Africa?

The equator passes through the African countries of Gabon, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Somalia. In total, the equator passes through 12 countries.

Where is Lake Kivu in the African Great Lakes?

Lake Kivu with Goma in the background, Congo. Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes. It lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, and is in the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.

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