What is the culture of Waray-Waray?

What is the culture of Waray-Waray?

The culture is basically Visayan. The Waray-Waray are often stereotyped as brave warriors, as popularized in the tagline, “basta ang Waray, hindi uurong sa away” (Waray never back down from a fight.) Farming and fishing are the main livelihood.

Is Waray-Waray an ethnic group?

The Waray are an ethno-linguistic group that inhabit the islands of Samar, northern Leyte and Biliran in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. Their native language is called Waray-Waray. It is the fifth most spoken native language in the Philippines with more than 3 million native speakers.

What do you called a Christmas song commonly performed in Samar?

5. Pastores • Christmas song performed in Samar.

What is the genre of Waray-Waray?

The 1900s to the 1950s Modern East Visayan literature, particularly Waray, revolves around poetry and drama produced between the 1900s and the present.

What is I love you in Waray?

I love you: Hinihigugma ko ikaw or Ginhihigugma ko ikaw or Pina-ura ta ikaw.

What is the meaning of Waray-Waray?

Waray-Waray, also called Waray or Samaran or Samareño, any member of a large ethnolinguistic group of the Philippines, living on Samar, eastern Leyte, and Biliran islands. Most Waray-Waray are farmers and live in small villages.

Is Waray a Bisaya?

The Waray people (or the Waray-Waray people) are a subgroup of the larger ethnolingustic group Bisaya people, who constitute the largest Filipino ethnolinguistic group in the country.

Is Waray a dialect?

Waray (also known as Waray-Waray) is an Austronesian language and the fifth-most-spoken native regional language of the Philippines, native to Eastern Visayas….Waray language.

Regulated by Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino Historically regulated by the Sanghiran san Binisaya ha Samar ug Leyte
Language codes
ISO 639-2 war
ISO 639-3 war

How do you say love in Waray?

  1. “Gugma”, Cebuano, Waray, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) “Gugma” is a word for love shared by Cebuano, Waray, and Hiligaynon speakers.
  2. “Pagkamuot”, Bikol.
  3. “Amor”, Chavacano.

Where does the culture of Waray come from?

Many Waray traditions can be traced to pre-colonial times. For example, the Kuratsa Dance is a very popular traditional dance of the Waray-Waray at many social gatherings, especially weddings. It is very common throughout Samar. Similarly one may ask, what is the meaning of Waray Waray?

What kind of people are the Waray people?

An ethno-liguistic group of people. Waray people inhabit the whole island of Samar and there they are called Samareños while on the island of Leyte they are called Leyteños. On Leyte island, Waray people occupy only the northern part of the island as it is divided by a mountain range in the middle of the island.

What kind of language do the Waray people speak?

The Waray people speak the Waray, a major Visayan language. Many also speak Cebuano as their second language. Some people of Waray descent speak Waray as their second or third language, especially among emigrants to Metro Manila, other parts of the Philippines and elsewhere in the world.

What kind of music do the Waray people play?

Warays are also known for their love of music, in particular the Kuratsa, a courtship dance with music based on native and Hispanic influences. Local artists often create Waray versions of popular songs, such as “An Bahal nga Tuba” that was based on a Mexican song.

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