What is the best coax for scanner antenna?

What is the best coax for scanner antenna?

RG58 would be the least desirable with the LMR (400 and up) being better with 7/8-inch (and up) hardline being the best.

How can I improve my scanner reception?

How to Boost Scanner Antennas

  1. Install a small amplifier at the base of the antenna to boost the scanner antenna’s performance.
  2. Mounting an antenna up high allows it to receive more signals because it is above the interference.
  3. Install a longer antenna.

Can I use a TV antenna for a police scanner?

Yes as long as the cable is 75 ohm it will work fine. You will need to inspect the antenna and connections for damage or bad wiring. If it has 300 ohm line then you will need a 300 to 75 ohm transformer. Just buy a pl-259 to solder to the 75 OHM line and connect that to the scanner.

Can I use a CB antenna for my scanner?

A CB antenna works pretty well for scanners since it is usually mounted high and it has a lot of capture area. While an antenna tuned for a specific frequency will always work better on that freq, a scanner antenna is necessarily a compromise.

Is a TV antenna a good scanner antenna?

A TV antenna is NOT a very good scanner antenna because it is optimized only for the TV bands. If you look closely at a TV antenna you will notice that the taper of the elements is not uniform.

What is the best discone antenna for scanning?

The Diamond D130J and the Sigma SE1300 are good discones for general purpose scanning. My personal experience with the Radio Shack discone antenna at home, has shown that it is not a very good implementation of the discone design, and should be avoided. It is too fragile and does not work below 100MHz.

What is the best mini digital indoor scanner antenna?

Procomm Mini Digital Indoor Scanner Antenna It is one of the best indoor scanner antennas that is cheaper than many others with similar advantages. Even if this product is inexpensive, you will not feel to lose anything apart from a couple of things.

How do I connect my antenna to coax cable?

It has balanced signal and ground sides, which means that the coax feed is in the center of the antenna. The center conductor is hooked to the top half and the shield connects to the lower half. It requires a balun to connect it to coax cable, although there are feed techniques that can do the job of matching the antenna to the 50 ohm coax.

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