What is cool in French?

What is cool in French?

More French words for cool. refroidir verb. cool down, chill, quench, ice. frais adjective.

What is fait du vent?

French term or phrase: Il fait du vent. France French. Robin. English translation:it’s windy.

What does the French word fart mean?

1. (= wind) pet m (informal) 2. (= stupid person) raseur/euse m/f (informal) you old fart!

How do you say it is bad weather in French?

Il fait mauvais
Il fait mauvais. — The weather is bad.

Do French people say yay?

Ouah is French for “yes” when you’re extra happy and enthusiastic. You could translate it as “Yes!” or “Yay!”

Why do French say cool?

Basically the same word, hopefully it helped! Just say “cool”….. in a french accent. It’s a common Anglicism in french nowadays, like “super”, “football” ,”liker”(to send/give a Like on an internet video/photo e.g. Youtube videos),etc.

What language is Beau?

Beau means “handsome” in French. Pronounce it the same way the French do, with a long o: “boh.” The word recalls more innocent times, when gentleman courted their ladies and skirts barely rose above ankle level.

How do you say il fait du vent?

The correct way to say that it is windy is to say “il y a du vent” or “il vente”. (the verb “venter” (somewhat rare) is used exactly like “pleuvoir” or “neiger”.) I completely agree and add that we can say “C’est venteux !”

How do you say Bum Bum in French?


  1. player or racer who performs poorly. bum → tocard;
  2. anus specifically. bum → trou du cul; cul;
  3. informal: butt(ocks) specifically. bum → fesses;
  4. informal: buttocks or anus. bum → cul;

How do you explain time in French?

To tell the time in French, you use the phrase: il est … heures.

  1. Il est une heure – It’s one o’clock.
  2. Il est deux heures – It’s two o’clock.
  3. Il est trois heures – It’s three o’clock.

Widely used phrases

After a wet and windy night, westerly winds made much of the north and west brighter and fresher. Then we could make it in the summer sun and on windy days, for use on cold winter nights. It might be cold and windy but you must still be ready for the football challenges this Stoke team puts at you.

What do you do when it’s Windy?

Nous sommes si haut et il y a du vent. If it’s windy, place your back to the wind to shield your fledgling flames. S’ il vente, faites dos au vent pour protéger les flammes naissantes. This will ensure the fire you light is safe and contained, especially if it’s windy.

What do you call the weather in French?

— The weather is bad. 7. Il fait moche. — The weather is bad (Literally: It makes ugly). 8. Il fait du vent. — It’s windy. Note: This can also be said as il y a du vent, and usage depends on region and age. Ask your French-speaking friends how they say it’s windy! 9. Il fait beaucoup de vent. — It’s very windy (Literally: It makes a lot of wind).

What are the names of the winds in France?

The winds that blow across France are often given names, a custom dating back to ancient times, and which personalises the winds, making them seem like old friends, or even, sometimes, enemies. The best known wind of them all, one which is a household name even in Britain, where it does not blow, is the Mistral.

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