What is ADSL/ADSL2+ modem td-8616?

What is ADSL/ADSL2+ modem td-8616?

ADSL2+ Modem TD-8616 enables you to access a high speed DSL Internet connection. It supports the latest ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ standard to provide higher performance (up to 24Mbps downstream) and longer reach from the central office of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to configure IP settings of TP-Link ADSL2+ modem?

Click on Basic Setup -> WAN Setting. Manually put in the VPI and VCI number which is provided by your ISP. Click on Save. The above IP settings are for logging into the Web-based Utility of TP-Link ADSL2+ modem for configuring.

What types of PVCs does the td-8616 support?

The TD-8616 supports many popular PVCs, fit for most of the network environment around the world, such as 0/35, 8/35, 1/100, 0/32, 0/38, 1/32 etc. If you are not sure whether the VPI/VCI provide by your ISP is not included or not, please try to check and input the VPI/VCI on the modem.

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