What groups of people live in Madagascar?

What groups of people live in Madagascar?

The largest ethnic group are Merina, a Malayo-Indonesian community, followed by Côtier (a collective term for coastal communities, predominantly of mixed African, Malayo-Indonesian and Arab descent), Betsileo (like Merina, a highland-dwelling Malayo-Indonesian group), with smaller minorities of Comorans, Creole, French …

What are people from Madagascar considered?

Etymology. In the Malagasy language, the island of Madagascar is called Madagasikara (Malagasy pronunciation: [madaɡasʲˈkʲarə̥]) and its people are referred to as Malagasy. The island’s appellation “Madagascar” is not of local origin but rather was popularized in the Middle Ages by Europeans.

What is Madagascar’s ethnic composition?

Madagascar’s population is predominantly of mixed Malay and East African origin. Recent research suggests that the island was uninhabited until Malay seafarers arrived around the first century A.D., probably by way of southern India and East Africa, where they acquired African wives and slaves.

Do they speak English in Madagascar?

The official languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French. Madagascar is a Francophone country, and French is spoken among the educated population of this former French colony. English was removed as an official language from the constitution approved by voters in the November 2010 referendum.

What kind of people are the Malagasy people?

Nearly nine-tenths of the population of Madagascar comprises of the Malagasy people who are an Austronesian and Southeast African ethnic group native to the island. The group can be further subdivided into several sub-ethnic-groups.

Are there any other ethnic groups in Madagascar?

Among other ethnic groups that exist in Madagascar is Sahara and antandroy though they form the smaller percentages of the total population. These ethnic divisions correspond with the major geographical divisions of the island. Within these regions, the people have certain cultural similarities accentuated by the natural environment.

Where do the Worldatlas people live in Madagascar?

They bury their dead in family tombs located in ancestral villages. They are the inhabitants of east central and northern coast of Madagascar and constitute 15% of the total population. They speak a dialect of Malagasy.

What are the facts about living conditions in Madagascar?

A history of conflicts has left most of its populace impoverished. These 10 facts about living conditions in Madagascar show some of the larger issues the country is facing, as well as what the future holds for the island. More than two-thirds of the population in Madagascar lives below the poverty line, with most living on less than $1.90 a day.

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