What explorers explored Africa?

What explorers explored Africa?

Great Explorers: Africa

  • Richard Francis Burton. One of Britain’s most iconic and individualistic explorers, Richard Francis Burton was a true polymath.
  • John Hanning Speke.
  • David Livingstone.
  • Henry Morton Stanley.
  • Heinrich Barth.
  • Frederick Russell Burnham.
  • Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza.
  • Mungo Park.

    Why were explorers initially interested in Africa?

    Europeans first became interested in Africa for trade route purposes. They were looking for ways to avoid the taxes of the Arab and Ottoman empires in Southwest Asia. Sailing around Africa was the obvious choice, but it was a long voyage and could not be completed without “pit stops” along the way.

    Who were the two most famous explorers of Africa?

    Most notable navigators of that time were Diogo Cão (who explored Kingdom of Kongo in 1482) and Bartolomeu Dias (who reached the southern tip of Africa in 1488). All those discoveries paved the way for two explorers who wanted to reach India.

    Who was Africa’s most famous explorer?

    David Livingstone

    David Livingstone
    Born 19 March 1813 Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
    Died 1 May 1873 (aged 60) Chief Chitambo’s Village, Kingdom of Kazembe (today Northern Province, Zambia)
    Resting place Westminster Abbey51.499444°N 0.1275°W
    Known for Proselytizing Christianity, exploration of Africa, and meeting with Henry Stanley.

    Who are some famous people who explored Africa?

    By the 1850s, interest in African exploration had become an international race, much like the Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Explorers like David Livingstone, Henry M. Stanley , and Heinrich Barth became national heroes, and the stakes were high.

    Who are the most important scientists in South Africa?

    Professor Karim is a South African epidemiologist who specializes in infectious diseases; is the vice president for the African Academy of Science, Southern Africa; and the foreign associate member of the Institute of Medicine (IoM) of the National Academies.

    Where was the first gathering of African scientists?

    Their biographies, to the lay-man, look like something akin to the work of a superhero, and they could just save the continent. THE first global gathering of African scientists, the “Next Einstein Forum”, is taking place in Dakar, Senegal.

    What did European explorers do to gain African knowledge?

    European Madness and African Knowledge. Explorers’ accounts of their travels downplayed the assistance they received from African guides, leaders, and even slave traders. They also presented themselves as calm, cool, and collected leaders masterfully directing their porters across unknown lands.

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