What does Rahim Khan finally reveal to Amir?

What does Rahim Khan finally reveal to Amir?

Eventually, Amir decides to atone for his past sins and agrees to rescue Sohrab from a dangerous life in Kabul. Rahim Khan tells Amir that Baba was Hassan’s father. Amir is shocked and taken aback by the news. His level of anger is brought on by this sudden news.

What does Rahim explain to Amir about Afghanistan?

Rahim Khan says he never doubted Amir would become a writer. The conversation turns to what Afghanistan has become since the Taliban took over. Meanwhile, Kabul became dangerous as the fighting between Afghan factions vying for control of the city grew worse.

What does Rahim Kahn’s letter reveal about Amir and Baba?

In the letter, Rahim Khan admits that he knows all that had happened during the running of the kites. He also explains that Amir was a physical representation of Baba’s guilt; that is, although Baba loved both Hassan and Amir — his two sons — he was unable to demonstrate openly his love for Hassan.

Why did Baba sleep with Sanaubar?

The reason because Baba slept with Sanaubar was maybe because He didn’t wanted her to be devoid of motherhood and Ali may had consented to this too for the same reasons.

Who is Hassan’s real father?

In order to motivate Amir to go to Kabul to save Sohrab, and thus, to amend for the wrongs committed against Hassan when he and Amir were children, Rahim Khan reveals that Ali was sterile and Baba is Hassan’s biological father.

Who destroyed Baba’s orphanage?

Baba’s orphanage had been destroyed by a rocket. When the Taliban took over, everyone celebrated them as saviors, and Rahim Khan actually danced in the street. Rahim Khan gives a summary of the fighting that destroyed the old Afghanistan.

Did Ali know about Baba and Sanaubar?

Rahim elaborates on Ali’s past relationship and mentions that he was unable to have a child with his first wife. Rahim then informs Amir that Ali was sterile, which means Baba was Hassan’s biological father. The fact that Ali was aware that he was sterile implies that he knew Baba was Hassan’s father all along.

What was Baba’s secret?

Baba’s Secret. When Amir returns to Pakistan to visit Rahim Khan, he learns that Baba also had a secret. Baba committed adultery with Ali’s wife and is the biological father of Hassan. Amir furiously thinks, ‘How could he have lied to me all those years?

Does Ali know about Baba?

What did Rahim Khan tell Amir about Baba?

Rahim Khan proceeds to tell Amir that Hassan and his wife moved back into Baba’s home to help him maintain the estate, Hassan reconnected with his mother, and he eventually had a son named Sohrab.

Why was Amir reluctant to return to Kabul?

Amir is reluctant, but he knows there is something deeper in Rahim’s invitation. Amir has carried a sense of shame and guilt for what he did to Hassan as a boy, and now he senses that returning to Kabul will be a way to undo the wrongs he did to Hassan.

Why is Rahim Khan seeking forgiveness in the Kite Runner?

Alongside Baba, Rahim Khan is seeking forgiveness because he has kept the secret of Amir and Hassan. To receive forgiveness for keeping his secret, Rahim Khan finds that he needs do it through Amir, by urging him to find Sohrab. After summoning Amir to Afghanistan, he pleads Amir to “grant an old man his dying wish” by recovering Sohrab (221).

When was the last time Amir saw Rahim Khan?

Amir has been away from his country for so long that seeing the poverty of “Afghan town” is shocking reminder of all the atrocities that have happened in Afghanistan since he left. Amir thinks about the last time he saw Rahim Khan in 1981, the night Amir and Baba fled Kabul.

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