What does Dil Tarasha meaning?

What does Dil Tarasha meaning?

When someone says ‘dil tarasha’ to you, they mean you have touched their heart. Dil = Dil.

What does Dera Manana mean?

Show gratitude (or say “thank you”). The Pashto version of this is Dera Manana. Basically, you would be saying “thank you very much” (Dera=Very much, Manana=thank you).

What is the meaning of Pakhair Raghlay?

Pakhair raghly – Welcome.

How are you in Pashto in English?

Pushto In a Shop

English Pushto
Hello Assalam O Alaikum
How are you ta sanga yea?
I am fine za kha yam, manana
How Much is this da somra di?

How do you apologize in Farsi?

متاسفم (mote’as-sefam). Often, remorse can eat away at us, and a simple ‘I’m sorry’, in Persian or any other language, can open the door for forgiveness and resolution of a bad situation.

Widely used phrases

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When does the verb agree with the subject in Pashto?

The verb generally agrees with the subject in both transitive and intransitive sentences. An exception occurs when a completed action is reported in the past tense. In such cases, Pashto forms are the same as Hindi forms: the verb agrees with the subject if it is intransitive and with the object if it is transitive.

How is a sentence constructed in Pashto language?

The sentence construction of Pashto is akin to that of Hindi. Unlike Persian, but as in the Prakrits, the Pashto noun comes after the adjective and the possessor precedes the possessed in the genitive construction. The verb generally agrees with the subject in both transitive and intransitive sentences.

How to learn English and Pashto at the same time?

All vocabulary and phrases were recorded by native speakers of Pashto. You will learn correct pronunciation and intonation from the start. You will be able to read the vocabulary in English and Pashto, to hear the vocabulary with a mouse click and print them out as flash cards to use anywhere, anytime. 1,2,3,10,100,…

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