What does Afghanistan trade with other countries?

What does Afghanistan trade with other countries?

Economy of Afghanistan

Import goods machinery and other capital goods, food, textiles and petroleum products
Main import partners United Arab Emirates 23.4% Pakistan 17.1% India 12.9% China 8.68% United States 8.61% Uzbekistan 6.58% Kazakhstan 5.77% Turkey 2.55% Russia 1.69% Malaysia 1.59% (2019)

What countries does Afghanistan export to?

In 2019, Afghanistan major trading partner countries for exports were India, Pakistan, China, Turkey and United Arab Emirates and for imports they were Iran, Islamic Rep., China, Pakistan, United States and Turkmenistan.

Does Afghanistan export anything?

The following are the major commodities that form the basis of Afghanistan’s economy: Export commodities include opium, fruits and nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton, hides and pelts, precious and semi-precious gems. Imports include machinery and other capital goods, food, textiles, petroleum products.

What does Afghanistan import from India?

Edible fruits, nuts, peel of citrus fruit, melons. $19.01M. 2019. Tobacco and manufactures tobacco substitutes. $18.71M.

Is Bangladesh richer than Pakistan?

Pakistan’s per capita income is $1,543. In 1971, Pakistan was 70% richer than Bangladesh, but today, Bangladesh is 45% richer than Pakistan. India’s per capita income in 2020-21 was a mere $1,947. Bangladesh’s development has surpassed Pakistan and it would transform to become the 26th largest economy.

Is Bangladesh richer than India?

India— eternally confident about being the only South Asian economy that matters— now must grapple with the fact that it, too, is poorer than Bangladesh in per capita terms. India’s per capita income in 2020-21 was a mere $1,947.

What kind of exports does Afghanistan get from the US?

Exports: The top exports of Afghanistan are Gold ($968M), Grapes ($214M), Insect Resins ($129M), Other Nuts ($113M), and Tropical Fruits ($97.4M), exporting mostly to United Arab Emirates ($1B), Pakistan ($544M), India ($485M), United States ($35.6M), and China ($29.1M).

Who are the major trade partners of Afghanistan?

The top export destinations of Afghanistan are India ($411M), Pakistan ($392M), Germany ($8.9M), Turkey ($8.74M) and the United States ($8.33M). The top import origins are Pakistan ($1.39B), the United States ($753M), India ($630M), Kazakhstan ($562M) and China ($532M).

What kind of economy does Afghanistan have in the world?

Overview: In 2019 Afghanistan was the number 113 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), the number 138 in total exports, the number 118 in total imports, the number 182 economy in terms of GDP per capita (current US$) and the number 133 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

What was the most important resource of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan’s important resource in the past has been natural gas, which was first tapped in 1967. During the 1980s, gas sales accounted for $300 million a year in export revenues (56% of the total). 90% of these exports went to the Soviet Union to pay for imports and debts.

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