What colour goes with Revere Pewter?

What colour goes with Revere Pewter?

For a lighter feel to a room, Revere Pewter can be balanced with lighter grays as well as whites such as Soft White, Cloud White, and Simply White.

Is Revere Pewter still popular 2021?

Revere Pewter was THE go-to color for many years. Along with other greige paint colors, it was huge in the 2010’s, peaking around 2017. And even though it is not in its heyday anymore, Revere Pewter is still very popular.

Is Revere Pewter beige or gray?

Revere Pewter is neither a true gray or a true beige, it’s a greige. A greige paint color has elements of gray and beige in it, hence the name. Many homeowners find beige paints to be too brown, making their home dark, and gray paints to be too cool, making their home come off as harsh and uninviting.

Does Hale Navy go with Revere Pewter?

The answer is yes, Hale Navy Works really well with Revere Pewter. Even though Revere Pewter technically has a green undertone to it, it works really well with Hale Navy.

What is a lighter shade of Revere Pewter?

Agreeable Gray is lighter than Revere Pewter. Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60, which is slightly higher than Revere at 55.51. Agreeable Gray also has warmth in it but, has green-gray undertones. In South facing room Agreeable Gray is at it’s best, showing off the warm, soft greige color it truly is.

Does Revere Pewter go with blue?

Revere Pewter has earned the reputation as the “perfect greige.” Because of its perfect balance of warm and cool, Revere Pewter complements most accent colors. Revere Pewter shines with bold color accents, but is also soothing and relaxing with calm cool colors like blue or green.

What is a shade lighter than Hale navy?

Sherwin-Williams Indigo Batik is another fantastic navy blue paint color. It is similar to BM Van Deusen Blue in that there is a lot of green and it is much lighter than Hale Navy.

What colors go with Revere pewter?

Revere Pewter ~ Favorite Color Palette Tranquility AF-490 A great complementary color for Revere Pewter either as an accent wall or in an adjoining room. White Dove OC-17 Our most popular trim color, White Dove contrasts nicely with almost any wall color. Pashmina AF-100 A little darker than Revere Pewter, it would be nice for an accent wall or an adjoining room.

What color compliments Revere pewter?

Any pewter gray wall color will be greatly affected by the room’s lighting and surrounding colors. For example, Revere Pewter paired with creamy white trim, brown or red-toned wood or warm colors of beige, gold, yellow, brown, red or orange appears as a warm gray with brown undertones.

What colors go with Benjamin Moore Revere pewter?

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter with Yellow. Johns Creek, Georgia based interior designer J. Hirsch combines Revere Pewter paint colored walls with warm browns, beige and yellow tones.

Is Revere Pewter Gray or beige?

Revere Pewter is a greige paint color. This means that it is a mix of gray and beige. Some greige paint colors lean more heavily towards gray with beige undertones, and some lean more heavily towards beige with gray undertones. Both shades exist within the color, but one will typically be more prominent.

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