What are the social issues in Afghanistan?

What are the social issues in Afghanistan?

Civil war has brought a variety of social ills in Afghanistan, such as poverty, interethnic strife, inequality of women, and widespread thievery, kidnapping, and banditry. Blood feuds handed down through generations are legendary, and revenge is regarded as a necessary redress of wrongs.

Is the Afghanistan war ongoing?

The War in Afghanistan is an ongoing war following the United States invasion of Afghanistan when the United States and its allies successfully drove the Taliban from power in order to deny al-Qaeda a safe base of operations in Afghanistan.

How corrupt is Afghanistan?

Corruption in Afghanistan is a widespread and growing problem in Afghan society. Transparency International’s 2017 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 177th place out of 180 countries.

What human rights did Afghanistan violate?


  • Violations of International Humanitarian Law.
  • Attacks on Healthcare Providers and Facilities.
  • Violence and Sexual Harassment Against Women.
  • Attacks on Media and Human Rights Defenders.
  • Torture.
  • Elections.

    What human rights have been violated in Afghanistan?

    Some Afghan security forces have been accused of committing grave human right violation like enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and torture of suspected terrorists. Moreover, some members of the security forces have also been involved in killing civilians in ground operations as well as in air strikes.

    What is the crime rate in Afghanistan?

    Afghanistan crime rate & statistics for 2018 was 6.66, a 0.34% decline from 2017. Afghanistan crime rate & statistics for 2017 was 6.68, a 1.94% increase from 2016. Afghanistan crime rate & statistics for 2016 was 6.55, a 33.04% decline from 2015.

    Why are there so many problems in Afghanistan?

    Political fractures continue to weaken the Afghan National Unity Government as the Taliban insurgency expands and an Islamic State affiliate strengthens its foothold.

    Are there any civil challenges to peace in Afghanistan?

    It is available on the CSIS web site at https://www.csis.org/analysis/state-fighting-afghan-war-mid-2019. This report compares the key data and conclusion in each recent official report to show their assessments of the threat, and the problems in estimating Government vs. Taliban influence and control.

    Why does the US support the Afghan government?

    It is this U.S. support that its critical to the survival of Afghan force and the Afghan government – if a peace is not reached or successful and to enforcing a peace if it is challenged by the Taliban. The fighting and Taliban threat, however, are only half of Afghanistan’s problems.

    Are there problems with the Afghan National Police?

    What is clear is that LIG and SIGAR reporting indicate that the Afghan National Police and Afghan Local Police currently suffer from serious problems with corruption and political influence, and a series of reform efforts has not prepared them to be properly effective in ether paramilitary operations or law enforcement.

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