What are the results of desertification in Africa?

What are the results of desertification in Africa?

Desertification affects about 46 percent of Africa. Agriculture in Africa tends to result in low productivity, as most of the land is characterized as a semi-desert. Clearing the land of trees also reduces the structure of the soil. Coupled with wind erosion, the topsoil blows away and leaves a desert-like land.

What is a direct result of desertification?

Excessive intensity and frequency can lead to irreversible changes in ecological processes and, ultimately, to desertification. The consequences of such changes include the loss of soil organic matter, erosion, loss of biodiversity, and habitat changes for many plant and animal species (C22.

What are the main effects of desertification?

Land degradation and desertification can affect human health through complex pathways. As land is degraded and deserts expand in some places, food production is reduced, water sources dry up and populations are pressured to move to more hospitable areas.

What are the two major causes of desertification?

‘Climatic variations’ and ‘Human activities’ can be regarded as the two main causes of desertification. removal of the natural vegetation cover(by taking too much fuel wood), agricultural activities in the vulnerable ecosystems of arid and semi-arid areas, which are thus strained beyond their capacity.

What are the main causes of drought?

A lack of water in stores such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and aquifers (water stored underground naturally) can lead to drought. Areas that rely on rainfall and surface water are more likely to experience drought. Surface water quickly evaporates in warm, dry conditions leading to an increased risk of drought.

What are the effects of desertification in Africa?

The Effects of Desertification in Africa. Desertification is a process that destroys fertile land. This can be caused by drought, overpopulation, over-farming, deforestation and climate change. The effects of desertification are seen in many parts of the world, but is predominantly in India, Australia, Asia and Africa.

How does the Borgen Project affect desertification in Africa?

The wall prevents the Saharan Desert from encroaching on land most affected by desertification in Africa, while simultaneously reducing soil erosion. More than 37 million acres of degraded land in Ethiopia was restored as a result of this initiative. There are similar results in Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Niger.

What are the natural causes of desertification in the drylands?

Natural Causes of desertification Drought is one of the major natural causes of desertification in the drylands. Drought is normally considered as a consequence of natural reduction in the amount of precipitation received over an extended period of time.

What is the official definition of desertification?

The official definition by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) that has been widely used since it’s formulation in 1994 is: “desertification is land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic fluctuations and human activities.”.

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