What are the greetings in Afghanistan?

What are the greetings in Afghanistan?

A common verbal greeting is “Salam” or “Salam alaikum”, meaning “Peace be upon you”. People usually place their right hand over their heart when they speak, to show respect and sincerity in the greeting. Greetings are usually prolonged as each person enquires about the other.

How do you say cheers in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan: ښه صحت ولری (kah-seh-hat-well-ah-ree) Albanian: Gëzuar (gehz-oo-ah) Arabic: بصحتك (be-suh ha-ti-ka)

What is Hello Afghanistan?

Greetings are so important in Afghanistan that some people say Salaam Alaikum (hello) even when returning to a room after only a few minutes’ absence. To always be polite it is necessary to at least say the shortest form, Salaam Alaikum, literally meaning “peace be upon you”.

How do you say thank you in Afghanistan?

Tashakur – Thank you.

How do you say you are beautiful in Afghanistan?

In Dari, the Afghan Persian dialect, “maqbool” or “maghbool” means beautiful.

What is the most popular religion in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan portal

Religion in Afghanistan (2012)
religion percent
Sunni Islam 89.7%
Shia Islam 10%
Other religion 0.3%

What is another way to say cheers?

What is another word for cheers?

prosit prost
salud salut
skol slainte
chin-chin good health
good luck your health

What are some good toasts?

To Your Health

  • May your beautiful lips never blister!
  • May you live for as long as you want, and never want for as long as you live!
  • Strike hands with me.
  • To absent friends, and to ourselves, as no one is likely to concern themselves with our welfare.
  • Health to those I love, wealth to those who love me.

What is Afghanistan language called?

Afghanistan/Official languages

The people of Afghanistan form a complex mosaic of ethnic and linguistic groups. Pashto and Persian (Dari), both Indo-European languages, are the official languages of the country. More than two-fifths of the population speak Pashto, the language of the Pashtuns, while about half speak some dialect of Persian.

How do you show you have enough to eat in Afghanistan?

Scoop food into a ball at the tip of your fingers before putting it into your mouth. Naan bread may be provided as a scoop. The left hand should not make direct contact with food. It is polite to leave some food at the end of the meal to indicate to the host that they have provided adequately.

Widely used phrases

Afternoon in Urdu is called seh-peher (سہ پہر) which literally means 3rd quadrant (of the day). Bakhair (بخیر) doesn’t mean good, it means with safety. By using the word bakhair, you are wishing someone a safe morning (subuh bakhair) or a safe night (shab bakhair).

How do you Say Good Afternoon in Italian?

Watch more How to Speak Italian videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/514294-… How to say “Good Afternoon” in Italian. Buon Pomeriggio. Good afternoon. Buon Pomeriggio. Now you try. You might also say Ciao.Hey, ciao. Now you try. And that’s how you say “Good Afternoon” in Italian. Loading…

When to reply to have a good afternoon?

Afternoon is after 12 midday. You can reply; thanks – you too! It is perfectly acceptable. If it is late – let’s say after5: thanks- enjoy your evening. Or on a Friday: thanks – have a good weekend !

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