What Are Must-Drop Jackpots?

Jackpot games offer one of the most interesting ways of playing slots, with big prizes up for grabs.

This area has diversified in recent years, with new jackpot mechanics being added to the traditional approach, so how do must-drop jackpots fit in?

A Look at Progressive Jackpots

To start with, we need to look at what progressive jackpots offer and how they work. You can find a selection of them on most online casinos by entering the lobby or by looking at slots that have a dollar figure written across them.

The current amount of the progressive jackpot is clearly shown but you may notice that it rises over time, so how does it work? A progressive jackpot has a certain starting point that’s decided by the developer or casino, but after that a small percentage of the money staked on each spin goes towards the prize.

This is why you’ll see it climbing, before it drops back to the starting point once someone wins it. The most popular jackpot slots can reach huge figures before they’re triggered, which is why so many people are keen to play them.

How Can You Win a Progressive Jackpot?

The most common way of winning a progressive slot is by triggering the jackpot on a random basis. Many of these games are set up to pay out the biggest prize randomly at any time and on any spin. So you never know when you might trigger it.

In other cases, you need to meet certain conditions to claim the progressive jackpot. This could mean getting the slot’s best combination of symbols or completing a bonus round that leads you to the jackpot win.

Each slot is different, and it makes sense to read the rules or look through the paytable to see what you need to do to win the biggest prize. The way of doing this is usually fairly simple, but if you don’t read about it first you might not realize what’s happening.

What Does a Must-Drop Jackpot Involve?

The name of this type of jackpot tells us that it has to be won, but there are different ways of doing this. A good example comes with daily jackpots, where the top prize has to be won by someone every single day.

Those slots that are particularly popular may have an hourly jackpot that has to fall once an hour, meaning that you potentially have more chances to win but that the jackpot might not climb as high as it does on other progressive slots.

In fact, every progressive slot has to be won at some point. This mechanism simply means that the time between wins is more strictly controlled than in other games, so it doesn’t ever go for much time without a big win.

Other Ways of Winning Progressive Jackpots

As online slots have become more popular, we’ve started to see new types of progressive jackpots being offered.  For example, a developer or casino may add a jackpot that runs across several games, which means that the total should climb more quickly but with more players in with a chance of winning it.

We can see how advanced jackpot mechanics have become by looking at the hot drop jackpot on Bovada that has recently been introduced. These prizes can be triggered in a number of ways, with Super, Daily, and Hourly jackpots all available to be won on the same slot.

These slots contain internal triggers that allow the main prizes to fall at the right times, or when the jackpot has reached a certain level. Part of the winning process involves spinning a wheel of fortune to see if you claim the main prize, adding an extra layer of excitement as well as giving the impression that you’re in control of whether you win or not.

The Future of Progressive Jackpots

It seems certain that more new ways of playing and winning these slots evolve over time, as developers find interesting versions that appeal to players. Must-drop jackpots are sure to be a part of this, as players love the idea that the big prize has to fall sometime soon.

Yet, we should also continue to see traditional slots without jackpots, as some people prefer to play in this way. The key to the future growth of online slots is in the variety and flexibility that they offer, which is why we now see massive game collections with themes and features that appeal to just about everyone.

If you want the chance of winning a huge prize, must-drop jackpots on slots give you one of the best ways of doing this. However, if you don’t manage to trigger the main prize you could still win smaller but still significant amounts by getting winning lines or by triggering other worthwhile features.

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