What airport do you fly into to get to Tuscaloosa?

What airport do you fly into to get to Tuscaloosa?

What airports are near Tuscaloosa? The closest airport is Birmingham (BHM) (52.9 mi). Other nearby airports are Columbus Golden Triangle Reg. (GTR) (61.25 mi), Meridian Key Field (MEI) (91.44 mi) or Montgomery Dannelly Field (MGM) (92.77 mi).

What is the airport code for Tuscaloosa AL?

Tuscaloosa National Airport/Code

What is Tuscaloosa famous for?

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is well-known for one thing: It’s the home of The University of Alabama, and possibly even more than that, The University of Alabama’s football team. But as anyone who’s traveled to or lived in Tuscaloosa knows, it’s much more than Bryant Denny’s backdrop.

How far is Tuscaloosa from the beach?

Distance from Tuscaloosa, AL to Orange Beach, AL There are 203.14 miles from Tuscaloosa to Orange Beach in south direction and 291 miles (468.32 kilometers) by car, following the route. Tuscaloosa and Orange Beach are 4 hours 53 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .

What is the closest major airport to Gulf Shores Alabama?

Jack Edwards Airport
Flying into Gulf Shores The closest airport to Gulf Shores is Jack Edwards Airport, located just 2.5 miles from the city.

Does Southwest fly into Huntsville AL?

24, 2020 announcement that the airport has been voted the best small airport in the nation. Hearts are pounding at Huntsville International for Southwest Airlines to start operations at the state’s second-busiest airport.

Is Tuscaloosa a good place to live?

Tuscaloosa is in Tuscaloosa County and is one of the best places to live in Alabama. Living in Tuscaloosa offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. Many young professionals live in Tuscaloosa and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Tuscaloosa are above average.

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