Should I start my LOCS with two-strand twists?

Should I start my LOCS with two-strand twists?

Starting With Two Strand Twists This method is probably one of the most popular and recommended ways to start your loc journey. Start by putting your hair in two strand twists but make sure you like the parting and size of the twists. One of the great things about starting locs this way is in the beginning you can change your mind.

How to start LOCS?

– Freeforming. The freeform loc method is the simplest method of starting locs. This process is completely natural and usually does not require/include any products or manipulation. – Backcombing. Backcombing is a type of instant locs, typically used on caucasian hair or hair with few to no curl pattern. – Interlocking. This method of starting locs is normally used to start sisterlocks and micro-locs (very tiny locs). Interlocking is very difficult to do and requires precision. – Three Strand Plaits. This method is a common natural hairstyle, that is simple to do. Once installed, if left long enough plaits will form into locs. – Two Strand Twists. Two strand twists are a common hairstyle that many people with natural hair wear as a protective style. – Instant Locs. Instant Locs is a modern way of starting locs. – Loc Extensions. An even more modern way of starting locs is with Loc Extensions. This style can be achieved in two ways.

Does two strand twist make your hair grow?

Two strand twists are an excellent style for meeting your hair growth goals. It is very satisfying to see how much length has been retained once the twists are taken down. Even if you decide to wear your twists down, rather than pinning them up into an updo, you will at least be using a low manipulation style.

How to do starter LOCS?

Spray your hair with Water Regularly

  • Oil your hair and Scalp Regularly
  • Your Starter loc’d hair will Unravel and It’s okay
  • Add water to your shampoo and Rinse thoroughly
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