Is Togo a REAL country?

Is Togo a REAL country?

Togo, country of western Africa. Lomé, the capital, is situated in the southwest of the country and is the largest city and port.

Which country is Togo located?


What nationality are people from Togo?

People: Nationality: Togolese. Ethnic Groups: native African (37 tribes; largest and most important are Ewe, Mina, and Kabre) 99%, European and Syrian-Lebanese less than 1%. Religions: traditional African religions 51%, Christian 30%, Muslim 15%.

Is Togo a rich or poor country?

Togo is a relatively small sub-Saharan nation that is situated along the Gulf of Guinea with a population of approximately 7.6 million people. A 2008 UNICEF report found that 81.2 percent of Togo’s rural population lived below the poverty line, making it one of the “world’s poorest countries.”

Is Togo dangerous?

Violent crime, theft and pick-pocketing are common throughout Togo and you should be especially cautious in Lomé along the beach and in the markets. Attacks occur during daylight as well as at night. You should avoid travelling alone where possible, even within Lomé city limits, especially at night.

Are there Yorubas in Togo?

Benin’s largest ethnic group is the Fon (39%), followed by the Adja (15%), Yoruba (12%) and Bariba (9%). Togo’s largest ethnic groups are the Ewe (21%), Kabye (12%), Mina (3.2%) and Kotokoli (3.2%).

How wealthy is Togo?

8,608,444 (2020 est.) $5.502 billion (nominal, 2019 est.) $14.962 billion (PPP, 2019 est.)

Is there a country in West Africa called Togo?

Togo (/ˈtoʊɡoʊ/ (listen)), officially the Togolese Republic (French: République togolaise), is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.

Which is the capital and largest city of Togo?

Lomé is the capital and largest city of Togo. It has an urban population of 837,437 while there were 1,477,660 permanent residents in its metropolitan area as of the 2010 census.

Which is the official language of the Republic of Togo?

Togo country is governed by the Republic system. The Republic of Togo consists of 5 main regions. The official language of the country is French. In addition, the country is spoken in local languages such as ewe, Mina, kabye and Dagomba.

How big of a country is Togo in miles?

Togo is a country that is 96% land and 4% water. The country of Togo has a width of 36.7 miles wide and 284.92 miles long. The total area of Togo is broken up into five separate regions. These regions are named Kara, Plateaux, Centrale, Maritime, and Savanes.

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