Is the Zambezi river polluted?

Is the Zambezi river polluted?

Water upstream of the falls, on the Zimbabwe side of the river, contained between seven and 130 E. coli per 100 ml. This section of the river was free from major sources of faecal pollution. The river was also highly polluted from the Victoria Falls Town sewage outfall to a point 18.6 km downstream.

Where does the Zambezi River get its water from?

Lake Malawi
About 160 km (100miles) from the mouth, the Zambezi receives water from Lake Malawi through the Shire River. On approaching the Indian Ocean the river splits up into a number of branches and forms the Zambezi Delta.

How does the Zambezi River affect your trip?

1) Water levels vary seasonally-Dates for your trip are important. Thankfully the Zambezi is a free-flowing river, the water level is not affected by any dams. It is however, heavily affected by seasonal natural flow variations. Our rafting trips adapt to the changing water levels by “putting on” at different entry points.

Where are water levels measured on the Zambezi River?

The hydrometric network used for the control and day to day operations of the Kariba reservoir comprise of thirteen stations where water levels are monitored daily. Flow measurements are carried out at eight of these stations which include the Victoria Falls, one of the key stations on the Zambezi River.

Are there crocodiles in the Zambezi River?

There are small crocodiles in the river but they’re not a serious threat. Bilharzia is not a risk. You can go white water rafting on both sides of the Zambezi River, in Zimbabwe and Zambia below the Victoria Falls. Full day – low water (July to mid-February – the wildest one-day white water in the World.)

When did white water rafting start in the Zambezi?

Commercial river rafting started on the Zambezi River in 1981. By 1996, some 50 000 people had been white water rafting at Victoria Falls and numbers are increasing every year. How can we help you? If you’re looking for a safari or more from Victoria Falls? Then go here or email us…. If you’re just interested in Zambezi rafting?

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