In which state is Lake Chad situated?

In which state is Lake Chad situated?

Its surface area varies by season as well as from year to year. Lake Chad is mainly in the far west of Chad, bordering on northeastern Nigeria. The Chari River, fed by its tributary the Logone, provides over 90% of the lake’s water, with a small amount coming from the Yobe River in Nigeria/Niger.

Where is Lake Chad Found in Nigeria?

central Africa
Lake Chad, French Lac Tchad, freshwater lake located in the Sahelian zone of west-central Africa at the conjunction of Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. It is situated in an interior basin formerly occupied by a much larger ancient sea that is sometimes called Mega-Chad.

Where is Chad located?

Chad is the fifth largest country in Africa and ranks second among Sahelian countries after Sudan. Chad’s land surface presents a dramatic variety of geographic contrasts. The vast northern third is located in the Sahara Desert and is sparsely populated, home to just 1 percent of Chad’s population.

Was Lake Chad the largest lake in the world?

About 7,000 years ago, a vast lake spread hundreds of square kilometers across north-central Africa. Known to scientists as Lake Mega Chad, it covered more than 400,000 square kilometers (150,000 square miles) at its peak, making it slightly larger than the Caspian Sea, the biggest lake on Earth today.

What is wrong with Lake Chad?

The water body has diminished by 90% since the 1960s due to overuse and climate change effects. Conflict between herders and farmers became common as livelihoods were lost. Families who relied on the lake started migrating to other areas in search of water.

Which part is the hottest part of Africa?

A historic heat wave in northern Africa on Thursday, July 5, brought Africa its hottest reliably measured temperature on record: 124.3°F (51.3°C), at Ouargla, Algeria. Ouargla (population 190,000) is the capital city of Ouargla Province in the Algerian Sahara Desert, at an elevation of 719 feet (219 meters).

Which is the largest lake in Nigeria?

Oguta Lake
It is the largest natural lake in Imo State, Southeastern Nigeria; within the equatorial rainforest region of Niger Delta….

Oguta Lake
Primary inflows Utu, Awbana, Orashi and Njaba rivers
Basin countries Nigeria
Max. depth 8 m (26 ft)
Ramsar Wetland

What is causing Lake Chad to shrink?

Why did Mega Lake Chad dry up?

The drying of Lake Mega-Chad reveals a story of dramatic climate change in the southern Sahara, with a rapid change from a giant lake to desert dunes and dust, due to changes in rainfall from the West African Monsoon.

Why is there a crisis in Lake Chad?

Researchers working in the Lake Chad Basin have highlighted a range of factors feeding the region’s instability. These include persistence economic crisis; divisive reforms; poor governance; rising inequality and bourgeoning corruption among the ruling political elite.

Where is the Lake Chad in Africa located?

Lake Chad Information and Facts. Lake Chad is a large, but shallow endorheic lake located on the African continent, in the Western part of Chad, on the edge of the Sahara desert.

Where does the water from the Chad basin come from?

The Yedseram – Ngadda sub-basin further south is fed by the Yedseram River and Ngadda River, which join to form an 80 square kilometres (31 sq mi) swamp to the southwest of the lake. There is no significant water flow from the swamp to the lake.

How big was the Lake Chad in the Holocene?

Around 20,000-40,000 years ago, eolianite sand dunes began to form in the north of the basin. During the Holocene, from 11,000 years ago until recently, a giant “Lake Mega-Chad” covered an area of more than 350,000 square kilometres (140,000 sq mi) in the basin.

How many tons of fish are caught in Lake Chad?

The Lake Chad basin is a famous fishing ground amongst locals, housing more than 80 fish species, of which 25 are endemic, found only in the lake basin. Around 60,000-85,000 tons of fish are caught every year from the lake.

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