In which country is Kabul located?

In which country is Kabul located?

Kabul, Persian Kābol, city, capital of the province of Kabul and of Afghanistan. The largest urban centre in the country and also its political and economic hub, the city forms one of several districts of Kabul province.

Which province is Kabul in?

The capital of the province is Kabul city, which is also Afghanistan’s capital and largest city. The population of the Kabul Province is over 5 million people as of 2020, of which over 85 percent live in urban areas….Kabul Province.

Kabul کابل
Time zone UTC+4:30 (Afghanistan Time)
ISO 3166 code AF-KAB
Main languages Pashto Dari

What continent is Afghanistan in?


What is the official religion of Afghanistan?

The constitution establishes Islam as the state religion but stipulates followers of religions other than Islam may exercise their faith within the limits of the law.

What is the capital of Africa?

The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho, with a population of 14,000. The least populous capital city in Africa is Maseru in Lesotho, with a population of 14,000….Zimbabwe – Harare.

Country Capital
Seychelles Victoria
Sierra Leone Freetown
Somalia Mogadishu
South Africa Pretoria

What is it like to live in Kabul Afghanistan?

As any other city, also Kabul has its dark sides. The vast majority of Afghans living in Kabul are too poor to afford any of the above. The poorest live and beg on the streets, barely surviving. A large number of them are disabled; it’s not uncommon to see horribly twisted and deformed arms or legs.

What’s the situation in the capital of Afghanistan?

Insurgents overrun districts and rural areas, forcing people to flee; most of them to the cities. But even in the capital, Kabul, the Taliban (and more recently also the self-declared Islamic State) frequently conduct suicide attacks.

Why are there so many beauty parlors in Kabul?

Shop windows in Kabul display princess-like dresses, all white for the brides and other colors for the other girls. Those weddings are also the reason for the high number of beauty parlors in Kabul, usually depicting huge photos of women wearing make-up – something that most foreigners probably would not anticipate in the Afghan capital.

What kind of houses do Afghans live in?

The ones that can afford it rent ballrooms in so-called wedding halls – monstrous buildings, with kitschy interiors and countless screeching blinking lights on the outside that would make any Western Christmas decoration blush. For such weddings, Afghans dress up.

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