How to Define a Term Paper?

A term paper is a form of presentation of specific scientific information. The term paper is characterized by substantial theoretical content. At the same time, it can serve as a means of expressing an assessment of a particular practical situation or be the result of analyzing the subject data in an optimal form. The content of the term paper should be based on the main provisions of modern science. In the term paper, it is necessary to formulate the goal and the tasks arising from it, as well as indicate the approaches and methods to achieve the goal. Term paper stimulates the development of creative abilities, develops the skills and abilities of independent research activities.

Process of term paper realization

Perform term paper with the following stages:

  • preparatory;
  • planning;
  • writing;
  • final editing and layout.

Preparatory stage

This stage is the choice of the topic of the course work and the abstract review of the material studied, special and reference literature. During this stage you should:

  • decide what you intend to explore;
  • what goal do you want to achieve;
  • how will you do it;
  • realize the level of requirements for a term paper.

Careful preparation can be considered as a methodological basis for future coursework. It will allow the most rational use of the time available to the author.


The plan provides for the identification of key themes and issues of the wording of independent tasks, structured in a series of items and means of statistical and graphical representation of the material. The decisions made are set out in writing and discussed with the work manager. As a result, small planning can save time when collecting the necessary information, its development and writing.

Writing work is done consistently according to sections and means of statistical and graphical presentation of the processed material. The stated material must be evidence-based. Traditional coursework includes:

  • an introduction in which the goals and objectives of the research are formulated, the methods for solving the formulated questions, and a brief assessment of information sources;
  • the main part, represented by structured items, where theoretical and evaluation knowledge is presented;
  • conclusion as summarized statement of the results;
  • bibliography;
  • applications.

A separate page is made up of a title page, as well as content, which lists all sections of the work with an indication of pages. The amount of course work should not exceed 30 pages of computer typing. The information necessary for the term paper can be found in the recommended literature, including on the Internet sites indicated.

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The final editing and design of the work are intended to give it the desired look. This stage should be followed with no less responsibility than the previous ones. The work should be easy to read, have well-defined headings and numbered paragraphs. Statistics should be presented in a processed form. You should carefully check the correctness of the title page, bibliography and appendix.

Before submitting the work to the teacher, the author should read it from beginning to end and carefully edit it, paying particular attention to grammar and spelling. You need to constantly remember that the author of the term paper is responsible not only for what he writes but also for the way in which he expresses his thoughts. The proposition should be short and simple them not to lose their meaning, and the findings were conclusive. Sentences must be grammatically correct. Spelling mistakes are not allowed.

It is also necessary to feel the harmony of the work as a whole and the impression of its cursory review, evaluate the layout of the main part, consider the location of the auxiliary material and its combination with the text. Remember that no matter how disputable the advantages of the content of the work, carelessly printed or written text, with a lot of mistakes and unsuccessful layout, leaves a negative overall impression and reduces the effectiveness of the work.


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