How much does a Calder mobile cost?

How much does a Calder mobile cost?

Made with painted metal and wire in circa 1973, the same year he made the impressive, large (53 foot/16 m tall) Flamingo sculpture in Chicago (pictured below). The hanging mobile is almost one cubic foot big and signed, it is estimated to go for 200,000 to 300,000 USD [Update March 10th: it sold for 422,500 USD].

What North Carolina hospital can you find an original Alexander Calder mobile?

DURHAM, N.C. — The Robert and Nettie Benenson Foundation has donated a mobile created by renowned sculptor Alexander Calder to Duke Medicine. The mobile is now on display in the Duke Medicine Pavilion concourse.

What are the characteristics of Alexander Calder’s lithographs?

Although Alexander Calder might be best known for his wire mobiles, the artist was also an avid printmaker at the end of his career. Featuring primary colors, geometric lines and spirals, and flattened biomorphic shapes, the imagery in Calder’s lithographs is often reminiscent of his sculptural work.

When did Calder Calder make posters?

Calder even used his prints for political activism—in 1967 and 1969, Calder produced posters protesting the Vietnam War. Default Price (desc.) Price (asc.) Recently updated Recently added Artwork year (desc.) Artwork year (asc.) This is based on the artwork’s average dimension.

Who was Alexander Calder?

As the son of Alexander Sterling Calder and grandson of Alexander Milne Calder, Calder was introduced to art at an early age, though he did not set his sights of becoming a professional artist until later in his life.

When did Alexander Calder start making kinetic art?

In 1931, Calder began making his “stabiles” (the coined name for his non-moving sculpture) and “mobiles” (his movable, kinetic pieces), which were featured in an exhibition organized by Duchamp, and then introduced in the US in 1932, where they were well-received and praised.

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