How many shipwrecks are there off the coast of New Jersey?

How many shipwrecks are there off the coast of New Jersey?

There have been almost 5,000 known shipwrecks off of the New Jersey coast. Some more deadly than others.

Where is the Resor wreck?

Where is the Resor Wreck? Located only about 32 miles East of Barnegat Inlet of the coast of New Jersey.

What ship sank off the coast of New Jersey?

SS Morro Castle
Newport News Ship Building & Drydock Co., Newport News, Virginia, U.S. New York City, New York, U.S. SS Morro Castle was an American ocean liner that caught fire and ran aground on the morning of September 8, 1934, en route from Havana, Cuba, to New York, United States, with the loss of 137 passengers and crew.

What is America’s biggest shipwreck?

The deepest shipwreck ever found has been confirmed as a US warship sunk in a pivotal World War II battle. Researchers have confirmed the discovery of USS Johnston, found 21,180 feet beneath the Philippine Sea.

How far offshore is the Resor wreck?

roughly 31 to 34 miles
The wreckage exists roughly 31 to 34 miles from Barnegat and Manasquan Inlets respectfully, and sits in depths of 57 to 125 feet along the 20-fathom line.

What is the shipwreck data base at the NJ Maritime Museum?

SHIPWRECK DATABASE Welcome to the NJ Maritime Museum’s Shipwreck Data Base. The museum has a filing system with over 4800 folders, each folder describing the misfortune of a ship in as much detail as could be gathered. From each folder, key pieces of information have been transcribed into a data sheet.

What’s new in the Shipwreck Project?

Our newest addition to the shipwreck project is a map showing some of the better known shipwrecks. This map has four overlays. The first is main shipwreck map (red dots) showing wrecks that are close to the New Jersey coast. The second overlay is the offshore wrecks (purple stars).

What happened to the USS New Jersey?

New Jersey and its sister ship, ex-USS Virginia, were both sunk in 1923 during aerial bombing tests conducted by General Billy Mitchell to demonstrate the value of naval air power against capital ships.

What is the New Jersey maritime data base?

This data base focuses on maritime events that occurred in the waters along the New Jersey coast, primarily the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay and Delaware River.

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