How many districts Afghanistan have?

How many districts Afghanistan have?

421 districts
1. 34 provinces – 421 districts. Afghanistan has a population of 38 million.

How many Zila are there in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is made up of 34 provinces (ولايت, wilåyat). The provinces of Afghanistan are the primary administrative divisions. Each province encompasses a number of districts or usually over 1,000 villages….

Provinces of Afghanistan
Number 34 provinces
Populations 147,964 (Nuristan) – 4,372,977 (Kabul)

What is the smallest administrative level in Afghanistan?

The Subdistricts of Afghanistan are the third-level administrative units of Afghanistan, subdivisions of the districts. They are known as “Alaqadari” and are the smallest administrative divisions. Each alaqadari is headed by an “alaqadar”, appointed by the government in Kabul or a provincial governor.

What is the lowest point in Afghanistan?

Geography of Afghanistan

Continent Asia
Highest point Noshaq, 7,492 m (24,580 ft)
Lowest point Amu Darya at Khamyab, 258 m (846 ft)
Longest river Helmand River
Largest lake Kajaki Dam Dahla Dam Naghlu Dam Band-e Amir Qargha

Which province in Afghanistan is the most dangerous?

Helmand Province
Since the 2001 War in Afghanistan, Helmand Province has been a hotbed of insurgent activities. It has been considered to be Afghanistan’s “most dangerous” province.

Can soldiers have cell phones in Afghanistan?

A soldier is usually allowed free 15-minute “morale calls” to call family back home. In addition, soldiers may also be allowed to use a personal GSM cell phone or satellite phone to call back home.

Which is the smallest province in Afghanistan in terms of area?

The province covers an area of 1,842 km²; that makes it the smallest province in all of Afghanistan. Kapisa Province’s terrain is a mixture of high peaks, mountainous river valleys, and shallow central plains; the highest points of the province are in the east, on the borders with Panjsher and Laghman Provinces.

Which is the name of the district in Afghanistan?

This is a list of districts of Afghanistan, known as wuleswali ( Pashto: ولسوالۍ ‎, wuləswāləi; Persian: شهرستان ‎, shahrestān ). These are secondary level administrative units, one level below the provinces. The Afghan government issued its first district map in 1973.

Which is the smallest district in the world?

Smallest District is ‘Mahe’ that covered only 9 square kilometers of Area located in the State of Pondicherry.

Which is the smallest district in Uttar Pradesh?

The smallest district of Uttar Pradesh in terms of area is Sant Ravidas Nagar (Bhadohi) with an area of 1015 square kilometres.Its population is approximately 15.5 lacs.There are 6 development blocks in the district and the literarcy rate is 71.1%.The town, which was earlier a part of Varanasi,…

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