How long is the Monsal Trail walk?

How long is the Monsal Trail walk?

8.5 miles
The Monsal Trail is a traffic free route for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wheelchair users through some of the Peak District’s most spectacular limestone dales. The trail runs along the former Midland Railway line for 8.5 miles between Blackwell Mill, in Chee Dale and Coombs Road, at Bakewell.

How far can you Walk along the river in Bakewell?

This lovely circular walk takes you along the banks of the River Wye from the ancient market town of Bakewell into the picture-perfect village of Ashford-in-the-Water. From there the route heads up through pastureland onto the Monsal Trail, before returning on quiet field paths to Bakewell. This is a walk of 5.7 miles.

Is there a river Walk in Bakewell?

Bakewell, Hassop, and the River Wye Circular is a 3.6 mile loop trail located near Bakewell, Derbyshire, England that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until September.

Are there toilets on the Monsal Trail?

Are there any toilets on the Monsal Trail? The toilets at The Refreshment Room, Millers’ Dale Station were open when we visited today with advisory notices asking people to ensure there were only two people in the building at a time and that the 2m social distancing guidelines were followed.

Is there a footpath along the River Wye?

The Wye valley walk is the long distance footpath along the river Wye from its source to the sea. The Wye Walker provides shorter circular walks along the length of the Wye – and is for those of you who want to do some walking in the country near this beautiful river in shorter bursts, as and when you have time.

Can you walk along the River Wye?

The Wye Valley Walk is a long distance national trail which follows the course of the River Wye from its source in mid-Wales to its confluence with the River Severn at Chepstow in Monmouthshire.

Can you walk the River Wye?

Where is the River Wye in Derbyshire?

The River Wye is a limestone river in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England….River Wye, Derbyshire.

River Wye
• location Axe Edge Moor, Derbyshire
Mouth Confluence with the Derwent
• location Rowsley, Derbyshire

Can you walk along River Wye?

What is there to do in Wetton?

Wetton has a pub called The Royal Oak, which also serves traditional pub food. There’s also a vintage tearoom at the village hall, open on Fridays and weekends, for hot drinks and cake after your walk. Camping – there are no campsites in Wetton, the nearest is Smithyfields Campsite in Alstonefield.

How do I get to the Wetton caves?

From Wetton, this short walking route takes you first to explore Thor’s cave, then heads down along the Manifold Valley and loops back round past Wetton Mill, where you can find more caves to explore. Then you head across fields near Wetton Hill before returning back to Wetton village.

How do I get to the Wetton Hills?

Cross over and turn right through a wooden gate into the valley, signposted Wetton Hills (photo below). Walk for 500 metres, as the path bends to the right look for a Public Bridleway signpost which is almost hidden in the trees, this is where you turn left and head up the path. Go through the gate, then as the path opens out at an open space.

Where can I Park at the Wetton Mill?

Start/Finish: Off the road car parking is available along the roadside near Wetton Mill. Car parking at the mill is for patrons only. Location: When starting from Wetton Mill, access by car is possible from Wetton, Butterton, Warslow and Hulme End.

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