How long is Camp Chase trail?

How long is Camp Chase trail?

15.2 mi

Camp Chase Trail
Length 15.2 mi (24.5 km)
Location Madison and Franklin counties, Ohio, United States
Designation USBR 21 / USBR 50 / State Bike Route 1
Trailheads Lilly Chapel to N. Eureka Ave. in Columbus, Ohio

How long is the Heart of Ohio Trail?

15.7 mile
The Heart of Ohio Trail is a 15.7 mile trail that goes from Mount Vernon, Ohio and travels southwest through the towns of Mount Liberty and Centerburg before ending at Huffman Road about 2 miles southwest of Centerburg. The trail pretty much parallels US-36 from Mount Vernon to Sunbury.

Where does Olentangy Trail start?

The Olentangy Trail begins west of downtown Columbus at a connection with the Scioto Greenway Trail on the south side of US 33; head north from there, using the well-marked crosswalk at the busy road. Once across the road, the route continues north on the west side of the Olentangy River.

How many miles is the Ohio to Erie Trail?

326 miles
How long is the entire Ohio to Erie Trail? The Ohio to Erie Trail route is 326 miles one way between Cincinnati and Cleveland. As more off-street trail is added, the route actually gets shorter between Cincy and Cleveland!

What county is ZIP code 43011 in?

ZIP Code 43011

Post Office City: Centerburg, OH (View All Cities)
County: Knox County
Timezone: Eastern (7:58pm)
Coordinates: 40.3, -82.7 ZIP (~9 mile radius)

Where does the Olentangy Trail begin and end?

You will now find a newly paved 6-mile stretch of pavement that starts near I-270 on the north end and continues to the Park Of Roses in Clintonville.

How crowded is the Camp Chase Trail?

Camp Chase Trail is a new part of the 320 mile Ohio-to-Erie Trail, and this section is much less crowded than other popular bike trails in Columbus. Wilson Road Park has seasonal bathrooms, a bike repair station and a water fountain, and there is also bike repair stations at Wilson Rd Park and at the base of the Hilltop Connector Bridge.

Does the Camp Chase Trail flip-flop?

The Camp Chase Trail runs along an active/semi-active rail line. For the most part the trail is straight as an arrow. The trail itself does tend to flip-flop sides of the tracks several times as it heads southwest toward London, Ohio. It undulates beside the tracks sometimes running above and sometimes below the track level.

How do I get to the Wilson Road trailhead?

To reach the Wilson Road trailhead on the west end of the trail: From I-70, take Exit 85 for OH 142 (to Plain City). Head south on OH 142/NE Plain City–Georgesville Road, and go 2.3 miles. Turn right onto US 40/National Pike, and travel west 0.8 mile.

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