How high above sea level is England?

How high above sea level is England?

The UK ranks only 31st in Europe for its highest point. Despite the mountains of the north and west of Great Britain, the average height above sea level is only 75m** – and that is the height of the city of Shrewsbury in Shropshire or the town of Callendar in Perthshire.

How far above sea level is London?


What country is the highest above sea level?

China (6,035) The world’s tallest peak above sea level, the Mount Everest (pictured), also lies at the Sino-Nepal border. Besides these well-known topographical regions, China has high elevations over much of its topography with the average elevation of the country being 6,035 feet above sea level.

Where is the highest village in the UK?

Flash has the distinction of being the highest village in England, at 1514 feet above sea level, and in winter it is frequently snow-bound.

How many metres above sea level is London?

So “London” is not a specific height above sea level. If you look at a topographical map of London such as this one: Topographic map Greater London you will see that London has hills to the North and South, such as Muswell Hill, Herne Hill, Forest Hill, Brixton Hill, and so on.

What are the coordinates of London United Kingdom?

Geographic coordinates of London. Latitude, longitude, and elevation above sea level of London, United Kingdom All coordinates are given in the WGS 84 coordinate reference system.

How to find the elevation of a postcode above sea level?

We use the Geolocation.getCurrentPosition () JavaScript function, which relies on the W3C’s Geolocation API Specification. Open Postcode Elevation is an open dataset containing British postcodes and their elevations, in metres above sea level.

How can I find out how tall I am above sea level?

We can try and get your elevation from your device: Or you can enter a postcode to get the elevation for that postcode: We use two data sources to find your height above sea level: Your device, and Open Postcode Elevation.

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