How does population growth cause desertification in Africa?

How does population growth cause desertification in Africa?

Yet soil erosion and degradation occur due to an expanding population. Between 1959-84, the population in the Sahel doubled so farmers have extended cultivation into marginal areas which are vulnerable to desertification. The livestock populations have also grown tremendously resulting in overgrazing and deforestation.

How does population affect desertification?

The main causes of desertification include: Population growth – the population in some desert areas is increasing. An increased population is putting greater pressure on the environment for resources such as wood and water. Removal of wood – in developing countries, people use wood for cooking.

How can population levels affect desertification quizlet?

Population increase, cutting trees, over-cultivation, overgrazing and opening up marginal land. Change in ecological system, effect on human activities, decrease in crop yield, sandstorms and flooding. Desertification not only affects the local people, but also the rest of the world.

What causes a desertification?

Human causes of desertification include overgrazing, the buildup of salt in irrigated soils, and topsoil erosion. Permanent changes in climate, particularly rainfall, are responsible for natural desertification. Extended droughts may mimic desertification, but vegetation may recover when seasonal rains return.

Which of the following is not a cause of desertification in Africa?

Conserving Water is not a cause of desertification.

How many people are affected by desertification in Africa?

Excluded in the definition are areas that have a hyper-arid or a humid climate. The GIS Desertification Vulnerability map was coupled to an interpolated population density map to obtain estimates of the number of persons affected by desertification. Desertification processes affect about 46% of Africa.

How is vulnerability to desertification assessed in Africa?

Vulnerability to desertification in Africa is assessed using the information on soils, climate, and the previously evaluated land resource stresses. Desertification is, “land degradation in arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid areas resulting from various factors,…

How is desertification a result of population growth?

Abstract PIP: Desertification is a result of overexploitation of the land through overcultivation, overgrazing, deforestation, and poor irrigation practices. This process is a result of the growing imbalance between population, resources, environment, and development.

Why is there so much deforestation in Africa?

Two thirds of the continent consists of desert or drylands. The obvious causes of desertification and deforestation consist of major ecosystem changes, such as land conversion for various purposes, over- dependence on natural resources and several forms of unsustainable land use.

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