How do you teach literary criticism?

How do you teach literary criticism?

5 Ways to Bring Literary Criticism into Your ClassroomLay a strong formalist foundation. Next, move to historical and biographical criticism. Now try feminist or Marxist criticism. Then, choose texts wisely. Finally, let students play!

What are the effective strategies to teach literature?

These include scaffolding of instruction, modeling, cooperative learning, student choices, self-initiated reading and writing, using different modes of reading, activation of prior knowledge, and student responses to literature.

What strategies can you use to engage students in a variety of literary texts?

5 Proven Ways to Engage Students in Great LiteratureBe Prepared. Before you ever mention a book to your students, know it well yourself. Make It Real. The great thing about the classic cartoon character Gumby is that he “could walk into any book” and experience it live. Make It Personal. Make It Project-Based. Be Creative. Author Bio:

How do you make a literature class interesting?

Tips on HOW to make literature INTERESTING to studentsBring literature to life. Have the students create artwork. Play games. Assign the students to be Teacher for the Day. Write it out. Laugh a lot. Participate in the above activities!

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