How do you say good morning in Afghanistan?

How do you say good morning in Afghanistan?

Useful phrases in Dari

Phrase (Dari) درى
Good morning (Morning greeting) (Sobh baxir) صبح بخير
Good afternoon (Afternoon greeting)
Good evening (Evening greeting) (Cast baxir) چست بخير
Good night (Šab baxir) شپ بخير

What does Tashakor mean in Farsi?

I thank you
Then we have the compound verb tashakor mikonam (I thank you). This is another formal ‘thank you’ with Arabic roots.

What is the most common language spoken in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan/Official languages

There are between 40 and 59 languages spoken in Afghanistan. Dari and Pashto are the official and most widely spoken languages, by 77% and 48% of the population respectively. Dari, or Farsi, is the official name of the variety of Persian spoken in the country, and is widely used as a lingua franca.

What is I love you in Afghanistan?

The sentence, “I love you” in Dari is دوستت دارم Dostat daaram. The most common use of this sentence is the romantic use. It is used by couples to express their love, but that is not the only use.

How to say ” thank you ” to God Today?

Here are a few ways you can say “thank you, God” today: A Prayer for Gratitude. Thank you for your amazing power and work in our lives, thank you for your goodness and for your blessings over us. Thank you that you are Able to bring hope through even the toughest of times, strengthening us for your purposes.

How to say a prayer of thankfulness to God?

A Prayer of Thankfulness for Times of Struggle God, Sometimes life gets me down and I find it hard to see things to be thankful for. Open my eyes to see the gifts you’ve given me in my life. I’m going to start by thanking you for loving me enough to come to earth and die so we can live together forever.

How to thank God for all his blessings?

Thank You Messages To God For All His Blessings 1: I am exceptionally grateful to you, Mighty God, for delivering my family from every scheme of the enemy. I honor you because you prove yourself worthy to be called our Indefatigable Warrior. 2: Indeed, God is good to all whose confidence is in Him.

How to say thank you in the name of Jesus?

In Jesus’ name, amen. This content was adapted from ” A Prayer for a Thankful Heart ” by Debbie Przybylski. Thank you, God, for all your blessings to me and my family; for the strength you give me each day and for all the people around me who make life more meaningful. Amen. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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