How do you say brother in Pathan?

How do you say brother in Pathan?

Pashtuns/Pakhtuns are also called Pathans….Additional Words:

  1. Father = Palaar,
  2. Mother=Moor,
  3. Brother=Wror or roor,
  4. Sister= Khor,
  5. Son=Zoey,
  6. Daughter=loor or lur,
  7. Meal=Dodai, Tikaala (Bread),
  8. Man=Saray (similar to r),

What does Dil Tarasha mean?

When someone says ‘dil tarasha’ to you, they mean you have touched their heart. Dil = Dil.

How to say what’s your name in Pashto?

It is also called Pakhto, Pukhto, Pashtu,or Pushtu) in Afghanistan it is also referred to as Afghani Language….

English Pushto
My name is ……. zama num ………… deh
What is your name? staa num tsa deh?
Do you speak English ta pe English(Angrezi) Khabaree

What name can I call my brother?


Amigo Brommando
Brah Broseph
Bro Broski
Bro Knows Brosky
Bro With the flow Brotato Brotahdo

How to Say ” my Name is ” in Pashto?

To say please and thank you in Pashto! How to say yes and no in Pashto! How do you say “ My name is ” in Pashto? To translate “ I’d like to pay, please. ” into Pashto? What does “ I don’t speak Pashto ” mean? Learn to count to ten in Pashto.

Which is the best Pashto translation service provider?

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Is the Pashto language similar to the Persian language?

Pashto/Pakhto is similar to Persian, being a part of the Iranian language family. It even shares the script with the Persian language, which is the other official language of Afghanistan, known as Dari.

What do you call an elderly person in Pashto?

The straightforward and exact answer is “Za Lambam” (Za Laam-bum), but we often don’t say it like that, especially when talking to non-friends or elderly people. You could say “Kapry badlom,” which translates to “changing clothes.” Thanks! In Pashto, if someone calls an older brother “laalaa” out of respect, what would I call an older sister?

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